Florida Is Making the Case

Florida will not emerge as the number one ranked team in the country next week. Nevertheless, I think they may be the best team in the country right now. After their embarrassing loss to Ole Miss, something snapped inside Tebow and his teammates (click here to see what Tebow said after the loss).

Since that loss, the Gators put up 51 points against the number 4 team in the nation (LSU) and 49 points against the number 6 team in the nation (Georgia). I think the Gators are likely to win their remaining regular season games. Their last big test will likely be Alabama in the SEC championship. If they beat Alabama and if there is no more one undefeated team in the country, then they will deserve a shot at the title. We’ll have to wait and see.

Tebow’s Remarks after Loss to Ole Miss

P.S. That being said, I think Texas Tech’s victory tonight over the Texas Longhorns may be the best game I’ve seen all year. Unbelievable.


  • Darius

    It’s shaping up like OU and Penn State right now, but anything can happen. Penn State is lucky they have such a patsy schedule, and that they don’t have a conference championship game. Florida’s win over LSU wasn’t much, since LSU was significantly overrated. Their win over Georgia yesterday, however, was pretty impressive. It would seem that the real top 5 would be (in no particular order): Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Florida, and either USC or Oklahoma State. Alabama is very overrated which someone besides Arkansas State will prove shortly.

  • Jessica Grace

    I think the Gators are far better a team then many think. Tebow is still a legitimate contender for a repeat heisman, and as a Gator fan I have LOVED watching my boys play this year. It’s GREAT to be a Florida Gator!!!

  • Trace

    Dr. B:

    Miss you at Criswell my friend! I was born and raised in Lubbock and Tech football has let me down more times than I care to think about. I was there Saturday, and I cannot describe the setting in the city ALL day….it was unlike anything I have ever been to and I have been to many bowl games, NBA Finals, and more. The atmosphere inside the stadium was from another planet! What a great game…wish I would have stayed to the end. Just kidding!!! What a finish….long way to go for the Red Raiders, but no matter what, after 38 years of also ran status, it was great to be on top Saturday night and proud to be a Red Raider for sure.


  • Trace

    The strangest thing also happened concerning the Tech game! Preaching through Luke right now….texts determined well in advance and today’s text that was published in LAST WEEK’S bulletin for THIS Sunday, 11/2: Luke 5:33-39! 33-39, how wild huh!? UT fans thought I was trying to rub it in! Crazy indeed!

  • Laz

    Yeah it might have been a good game but that doesn’t take the sting out of it…

    I take comfort in the fact that while TTU played their best game of the season, UT played their worst game and yet almost pulled it off.

    Hook ’em Horns

  • Jessica Grace

    I will definitely agree that Tech had a fantastic game but they’re really just coming into their difficult portion of the season. So we shall see how the next two weeks go.

    I will say that I’d love to see a Big 12 vs SEC matchup in the FedEx Bowl. Florida vs Texas could be an awesome matchup. Time will tell.

    Go Gators!

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