Fascinating Interview with Tim Challies

Is there a code among Christian bloggers that determines who writes what and when? Is there any competition among Christian bloggers? Are there any topics that are off-limits? These are but three questions from a fascinating interview with Christian uber-blogger Tim Challies. is one of the most widely read Christian blogs on the planet, and I found his answers to the questions to be refreshingly candid. There are sixteen questions in all (see below), and you can read Challie’s answers here.

  1. To give some context to “big-name blogger,” how many people read your blog?
  2. And how long have you been blogging?
  3. What’s the purpose of your blog?
  4. Would you say there is a “code” in the Christian blogosphere?
  5. Do the big-name bloggers all know one another? Do you talk together about each other or about what to write next or about something so-and-so wrote?
  6. Do big independent bloggers like yourself ever view guys who take their blog to the TGC site (or other similar sites) as “sell-outs”?
  7. Do you ever write each other and disagree with each other privately rather than expressing things publicly?
  8. Is there any competition amongst you?
  9. Have you ever had the opportunity to move your blog to another organization or location?
  10. What are the big no-no’s? Are there people or topics that are off limits?
  11. So on at least some level you cannot freely criticize big evangelicals without consequence. Is that a good or a bad thing? Does it reflect or protect the gospel? How does it contribute to celebrity-ism?
  12. You mention that you might lose out on book contracts and speaking gigs at conferences. Are you getting rich off of your blog reputation?
  13. Perhaps a ‘case-in-point’ would help clarify. You have been criticized in a few places for having recommended Sovereign Grace Ministries in the past, but refraining from commenting on the current situation with C.J. Mahaney. How would you respond to the challenge that you are being controlled by “the code” or “toeing the line” for the sake of the Old Boys’ Club? Shouldn’t you retract your endorsement of SGM?
  14. Are there times when you really just want to speak your mind, but feel that “the code” prohibits you? Or is there something else that holds you back?
  15. What do you do if another blogger writes a book that really stinks? Is there still an expectation you’ll review it / recommend it? Do you feel free to be honest about it? Or is it better to just not mention it at all?
  16. Does there reach a point where you’re “above” commenting on other people’s blogs?

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