Fall 2012 Issue of JBMW

The Fall 2012 issue of JBMW has some fantastic resources in it, and it is available now for free from the CBMW website. Contributors include John Piper, Tim Challies, Tony Reinke, Heath Lambert and more. I’ll be highlighting some of the articles here in days to come. For now, you can download the entire journal here or link to specific articles within it below.

The table of contents is below.


Standard Fare
Denny Burk Editorial
Various Odds & Ends
Essays & Perspectives
John Piper Some Reflections on Discussions about Homosexuality with the Gospel Coalition’s Leadership Council
Heath Lambert The Problem of Pornography: Why It’s Wrong and How to Help
Tony Reinke Marriage in the Cosmic Plan of God
Evan Lenow The Challenge of Homosexuality for Gender Roles
From the Sacred Desk
John Piper “Let Marriage Be Held in Honor”— Thinking Biblically About So-Called Same-Sex Marriage
Genders Studies in Review
Tim Challies Debi Pearl, Created to Be His Help Meet
Phillip Bethancourt Kay S. Hymowitz, Manning Up
Andy Naselli Timothy Keller, with Kathy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage
Denny Burk Alan G. Padgett, As Christ Submits to the Church
Jeremy Pierre Paul David Tripp, What Did You Expect?
Kimberly Campbell Amy Spiegel, Letting Go of Perfect


  • Bruce Symons

    Denny, I have looked at your review of Padgett’s book in this issue of JBMW. Unfortunately your Evaluation does not get off to a good start because you misquote both Lincoln and Delling and your reference to Delling is wrong. Is focussing on individual words a good way to argue against Padgett anyway? Especially since Eph 5:21 does say “Submit to one another”?

  • Don Johnson

    It seems that the actual Delling quote adds some qualifiers that means Denny took the quote he used out of context, regardless of what conclusion Delling reaches in his study. I have detected such methods in Grudem also.

    • Denny Burk

      Don, have you read the Delling article? The actual words from Delling’s article speak of “required subjection of wife to husband” according to a “divinely willed order.” I don’t think a fair reading of the Delling article would yield the conclusion that I’ve misrepresented him.

      • Don Johnson

        Hi Denny,

        I do not have TDNT and so have not read Delling on hupotasso. I would be willing to do so and am trying to get a friend to get the info for me. You have my email if you want to send it. I am a learner.

        My claim is that to extract text from its immediate context is not good practice when the word following the quoted text is “but…” and the word before the extracted quote is a qualifier on the scope of the claim on the extracted text.

        As an egal, I agree that a (believing) wife has a required subjection to her husband, I just also believe a (believing) husband has a required subjection to his wife.

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