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Everything you need to know about the contraception/abortion mandate

Joe Carter has a fantastic essay answering frequently asked questions about Obamacare’s contraception mandate. Christians, it is really important that you understand what this debate is about because this will affect you one way or the other. Obamacare imposes one of the severest restrictions on religious liberty that we’ve ever seen in this country. In many ways, it’s draconian and quite unprecedented. So when you get a chance, go read Carter’s FAQ’s. I’ll list the questions below. You’ll have to go the essay for the answers.

  1. What is this contraception mandate everyone keeps talking about?
  2. If this mandate is from 2010, why are we talking about it in 2013?
  3. Is there a religious exemption from the mandate? If so, who qualifies for the exemption?
  4. Doesn’t the mandate only apply to religious organizations that receive federal funding?
  5. When did the government begin requiring employer-insurance programs to pay for contraceptives?
  6. Why is the federal government dictating that contraceptives should be covered by insurance?
  7. But what about the First Amendment protections? Isn’t such a requirement inherently unconstitutional?
  8. Isn’t this just a Catholic issue?
  9. What is the Catholic Church’s position on contraception?
  10. What is the mainline Protestant and Evangelical position on contraception?
  11. I don’t oppose contraceptives, so why should I care about this issue?
  12. Okay, while it may be a pro-life concern, it isn’t a religious liberty issue for me since I support the use of contraception, right?
  13. Didn’t the Obama administration offer a compromise? What was that about?
  14. What’s wrong with that compromise plan?

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