Dwight McKissic Debates Gay Marriage on The Laura Ingraham Show

Dwight McKissic played the part of the prophet on the Laura Ingraham show yesterday. He was on the program to discuss same sex marriage with an African American minister who supports gay marriage. McKissic did not mince words but called out the other minister as having allied himself with the kingdom of darkness. I think McKissic was right to do so. We need more prophetic boldness like this from pastors, not less. McKissic’s remarks begin at 2:45.


Titus 1:7-9 “For the overseer must be… able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict.”


  • Daryl Little

    We all ought to be ready to speak out like this. If a believer will not call out someone claiming to be a believer, then who will?

  • Nathan Cesal

    So Coates isn’t a true believer because he doesn’t want a secular government to define and enforce the sacred? That’s like saying people aren’t true believers because they think Americans should have the right to be Buddhist or some other non-Christian flavor. Or maybe you think they can have a non-Christian god, but they just can’t follow that god into areas that really grate against your Christian sensibilities?

    • Joe Blackmon

      No, Coates isn’t a true believe because he rejects what Scripture clearly teaches and teaches false doctrine in its place.

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