• brian darby

    I found this very touching, I have worked with people with disabilities for my entire adult life, much of it with people with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Many of the people I worked with could be extremely dangerous and violent to themselves and to others, all most all were totally abandoned by their parents, some of the parents caused the developmental disabilities through horrendous abuse. Some of the behaviors were so vicious I would never post them on a public forum where families may read out of respect. But these people were my salvation or used of God for my salvation if you will, because they fought so hard against the disabilities that affected them. It may seem emotional but I saw Christ in every single one of those people, just like the wonderful folks in the video. I am an extremely cynical person when it comes to the Christian faith as expressed in modern America. Some may even call me a functional Atheist, but I have seen Christians of all stripes do so much for this population along with the homeless and people who struggle with mental illness.

    They keep me from walking away from the faith, well I guess God uses them in my life to keep me from walking away from the faith, I know one thing, its not me keeping me. I dont have the will. I do wish you a fine weekend.

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