• FB

    With my luck this will be the one comment what gets through. I’m just letting you know I won’t be back. Two comments in moderation without explanation while two have disappeared etirely.

    Someone who is comfortable promoting Driscoll is not someone I’m comfortable reading on a regular basis and learning from.

  • John Holmberg


    Denny has been moderating me for years. Oftentimes I’ll post something that is innocent or just asking a question out of curiosity & he won’t publish it. He’s a bigot, plain & simple, and will not tolerate those who consistently give him push back over his staunch views. I just keep coming back for the comical factor.

  • Allie

    The irony John is that Denny and others have tolerated your personal and paranoid attacks for years. Why you come back must be more than comedy as you seem to always have a stash of vitriol with you when you choose to comment.

  • John Holmberg

    Isn’t it funny which posts Denny decides to put up from me? I’ve been denied 10 out of my last 10 postings & yet he decides to send this one through, probably to increase his persecution complex and think somehow it’s making him look like he’s persecuted for Christ. I posted something the other day (9/20) on the Obama losing David Brooks thread simply asking why Denny called anybody who was for health care reform & higher taxes on the wealthy a liberal. No “vitriol” or hatred to my post at all; only pushing back a bit & saying the support of health care reform & higher taxes does not automatically make one “liberal” simply because they’re about changing current policies because said policies were far different just a few decades ago even with big Republicans in power (taxes under Reagan were outrageously high for the rich, and he’s a Republican idol). Anyhow, Denny deleted it I suppose because he didn’t like it. There have been many instances like this over the past 2 years. I admit when I first started coming here I got a little snarky and should have controlled my tongue better, but for over a year I have seldom commented (maybe once a month), and when I have I’ve always tried to keep it civil even when I disagreed or pushed the issue. Denny just won’t have it, any of it, and to me it’s nothing short of bigotry. I assure you I keep coming back for nothing more than the comical factor & to hear the recent news in fundamentalist USA.

  • dominic

    FB, why hide behind initials and talk big? man up and put your name out there. you should be slow to degrade someone’s character. especially when they are made in the image of God. it seems like you yourself should be ashamed.

    john, someone should just tell you the truth. you don’t need to be heard. ever. you have a lose tongue. this is denny’s blog. you are accusing him of bigotry. if he doesn’t like your comment, he can delete it. get over it.

    denny, by the way, the loose tongues distracted me, thanks for posting this video. i could not find it and am glad that you had it.

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