D.A. Carson on Turning the Other Cheek

“Turning the other cheek without bearing witness to the truth is not the fruit of moral resolution but the terrorized cowardice of the wimp.”
–D.A. Carson, The Gospel according to John, p. 585


  • Christianes

    Terrorized cowardice of the wimp:

    I often think of those who fail to speak up against mean-spiritedness in any form for any reason against any group of people.

    It’s one thing to take a stand against sin, or against a point of view. But what is going on these days is more than that … and the people doing it have been called out as ‘bullies’ and hypocrites. Bullies? They are ‘wimps’ at heart, who abuse when they can get away with it and when they are in a terrorized crowd who will let them do it.

  • Charles

    I wonder if Carson has considered that bearing the other cheek *is* giving witness to the truth, that is, a response of self-sacrificing love in the face of evil as advocated here I this passage (and elsewhere) and modeled by Christ on the cross.

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