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Criswell College Not Going to Southwestern

I have some news to report concerning the college at which I am a professor. There have been rumors floating around the Southern Baptist Convention to the effect that Criswell College would be moving to Fort Worth, Texas to become a part of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. There was such a proposal before Criswell College’s trustees. But today Criswell’s trustees voted unanimously against making Criswell College a part of Southwestern Seminary.

Criswell College will not be going to Southwestern but will continue in Dallas under its current governing structure. There should be an official press release sometime today or tomorrow.


  • Trace

    This is good news for many reasons, especially for all the students that live near the Dallas campus. But, I can say, coming from Abilene in the west, I was actually thinking about how nice it would have been to cut an hour off of my weekly round trip! 🙂 After all, driving distance is all that matters when picking a school to shape your theology. And before you guys that are always mean to each other here jump me, that was just a joke! 😉

  • Michael Metts

    Denny, do you think Criswell might ever be able to achieve seminary status? I understand that there has been talk about rebuilding, or even building a new building, possibly on some land which was donated to the college.

  • Michael Metts

    I suppose just the title, like Criswell Theological Seminary. That’d be great! Also, can you confirm the plans for another building?

  • Josh

    This is great! I really was worried for a while there. I am not sure what is meant by Seminary status but I would like to see some sort of differentiating in the Undergrad and the Graduate level. If nothing more than in name, Criswell College and Criswell Theological Seminary. I probably would have come back if that were the case. I really was glad to hear about this.

  • Luke Britt

    I’m not sure the name would make that much difference and it is clear that Criswell places a larger emphasis on Undergraduate degrees. Graduate degrees seem to be more of a bonus than a thrust.

  • Mike Templin

    To Debbie Mosley, the Doctor of Divinity degree is no longer an earned degree in America. It is awarded as an honorary Doctorate. Some might say it has been replace with the D.Min degree, yet that is also not really true because it was a far more advanced degree. Anyways Criswell
    College has the authority to grant the Doctorate of Divinity, or the D.D.

    Sola scriptura,


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