Congratulations to Bama on a Great Win!

As an LSU fan, obviously I am very disappointed about the outcome of tonight’s game. But you have to give credit to Alabama for a dominating performance in the BCS title game. The bottom line of tonight’s game: Bama’s defense was suffocating, and LSU never got anything going offensively. LSU only crossed midfield one time. The swagger that LSU has had all season was missing tonight.

Woulda coulda shoulda: Jordan Jefferson was in a funk. He couldn’t get the option going nor did he present a threat of passing the ball downfield. It was clear by the middle of the 3rd quarter that Jefferson was in a rut that he couldn’t get out of. I think Miles should have put in Jarrett Lee to see if he could pass the ball downfield. We might have been able to get some big plays and to open up the running game if Miles would have given Lee a try. Lee went 8-0 as a starter this year, and he deserved a shot. Miles should have given Lee a chance for the save once Jefferson choked. Miles made a mistake not making a change. That being said, it is what it is. And LSU just got outplayed tonight.

This is a tough loss for a great LSU team. Congratulations to the Tigers for their accomplishments this year. I’ll be looking for them to make a comeback next year. Geaux, Tigers!

[All my football happiness for this season is now riding on Tim Tebow. I’m thinking I may not have much football happiness when it’s all said and done.]


  • Bradley

    Woohoo, I thought my Bama was going to lose. I am a little disappointed that there wasn’t much fight on LSU’s side. I like good close games as it keeps the hype up.

  • Albert Rommal

    Bama played a tough game, especially on defense.

    But isn’t it great that when the game is over, and our team lost, that we still have our Lord Jesus Christ? What a faithful God He is. And unlike this world, He never disappoints.

    I grew up in Baltimore and still remember watching Super Bowl III. Some people are still hurting over that game. What a shame.

  • cb scott

    A very good year for the SEC. A good year for BAMA. A good year for LSU.

    It may be a long time before we see two such teams again.

    Naturally, I am happy the SABANATION won. See you next season. And don’t count Timmy out yet. GO BRONCOS!

  • donsands

    Best defense I’ve ever seen in college. Amazing. Bama is the best team in the nation, and LSU #2. But LSU did beat the Number One team. Two great teams.

  • Nate

    Actually, I thought the credit should have been given to Alabama’s willingness to change their offensive strategy from the first game (although their Red Zone offense was still horrendous). However, the Offensive strategy of LSU, after having almost 40 days to prepare was horrendous.

    Jefferson should have been removed from the game and Lee should have taken his place by the middle of the 2nd quarter (in the same way Jefferson replaced Lee in the first game). LSU’s unwillingness to even attempt a vertical passing game allowed Bama to stuff the line. Jefferson’s performance was one of the worst in championship history.

    Credits to Bama’s defense for some of that, but whoever put together the offensive strategy for this game from LSU should be fired.

    • Denny Burk

      Agreed. LSU needed to loosen Bama’s defense by throwing the ball downfield. There were open receivers, but Jefferson couldn’t see them. As a result, Bama smothered our inside running game and our option.LSU got out coached.

  • Rick

    We give the trophy to the 12-1 team that lost and won instead of the 13-1 team that won and lost, proving we must finish well, and that the last shall be first and the first shall be last!

  • Larry Geiger

    Ouch, ouch, ouch. Not Bama again. Come on, Denny, get those Tigers fired up!!!!!! (at least until they play the Gators πŸ™‚

  • Scott

    No offense Denny, but had Bama not missed the field goals in the earlier game it probably would’ve resembled last night. Either way, you have a point that the system is ridiculous that a team you already beat got a mulligan essentially. You guys should’ve been playing OSU or Boise State anyway.

    • Denny Burk

      Go back and watch the first game. Bama missed those field goals because they were from 48, 50, and 51 yards. The reason they had to kick from so far back is because LSU’s defense ran them backwards (particularly on the last attempt). LSU outplayed Bama in that game, and LSU won.

  • DeaconBlue

    In two games with Alabama, LSU scored zero (0) touchdowns.
    That’s your definition of a “national champion”?
    They built an incredible defense at the expense of an adequate offense.

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