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Roman Catholics Defending Life

For all their differences on matters of Christian theology, Evangelicals and Catholics are cobelligerents in their opposition to abortion. Moreover, not only do both groups oppose abortion, but many Evangelicals and Catholics would insist that defending the unborn is a transcendent moral value.

That’s why I posted this video. It strikes just the right note in that regard. I hope many people will see it and hearts and minds will be won to use their democratic privileges for the protection of the unborn.


  • Sandy

    One can’t help but wonder…from the entertainment in the ancient Roman Coliseum to the Holocaust and on to Darfur, why can’t humanity learn from its mistakes? Although the economic issues are paramount in all politics today, they still don’t get it. The world recovered from the Great Depression, but civilizations do not thrive for long when human life is not valued as God created it to be valued. The Catholics have stated it well in pictures and text.

    (By the way, if one wants to celebrate Halloween, he or she should get on your thread for the 2nd debate comments – as of today 72 comments. The abundance of trolls gives it a real Halloween atmosphere.

  • Don

    I would use the term cobelligerent on the abortion issue with a Mormon, and Catholics are at least that. I would go further and say Catholics are estranged brothers or similar.

    And I recall very well when it was Catholics who spoke out against abortion when many prots were getting conned by the media. And I appreciate Catholics for that.

  • Brian (Another)


    I grew up Catholic and that is something that seems so strange to me as my ‘rents are die hard dems. I was sitting talking politics with them this weekend (which I really really don’t like to do) and I think I know the reason. Democrats are posited as the social welfare ticket. Or, rather, the ones that care about the poor and aren’t greedy (not to say it’s an apt description). For the Catholics that I know (I always try to be careful about generalizing), works are paramount, if not the “way of salvation” for them (again, not one to say it’s a correct generalization, just the Catholics (which are many) that I know). Thus, if a party is seen as “helping the poor”, etc., that is the party for them. I also wonder, though (and I have absolutely no statistics, etc.), if JFK had more to do with it than anything.

  • David Hamilton

    With basically the most pro-abortion man ever as the pres and a Catholic as the veep on the Dem ticket, you would expect the video to be a little more clear on which side they are advocating.

    Biden has pathetically tried to walk the line between his party and his religion, but McCain/Palin is clearly the pro-life ticket. This video did not really make that clear, though.

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