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    Do seminaries really need to require biblical languages?

    Last Wednesday, Dr. Rob Plummer delivered a really important faculty address titled “The Necessity of Biblical Languages in Ministerial Training.” In his lecture, Dr. Plummer takes dead aim at the recent push in some seminaries to do away with biblical language requirements. He shows that this is a horrible idea driven not by concern for the best way to train pastors but by educators who wish to make it easier to get through seminary. It’s a pragmatic carelessness about the core competencies of a pastor. Dr. Plummer masterfully explains why this reasoning fails and why we need to retain the languages in seminary curricula. He says, “Reading the Bible in…

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    Pop Quiz: How competent are you with English?

    Here’s a little English pop quiz that I just posted on Twitter. It’s only one question. Let’s see if you can get it right. What does "he" mean in the following sentence? "If anyone has a question, he can ask me after class." — Denny Burk (@DennyBurk) February 13, 2016 I plan to follow-up with an answer and an explanation in about a week (maybe sooner).