Caner says, “I never signed it.”

Dr. Ergun Caner is the President of Liberty Theological Seminary, a school founded by the late Dr. Jerry Falwell. Many were surprised to see his name among the charter signatories of “An Evangelical Manifesto.” He writes,

‘In recent days, I became aware that my name is on the list of “Charter Signatories” for the Evangelical Manifesto (EM).

‘There is only one problem: I never signed it.

‘A few months ago, I was consulted by a member of the steering committee, and invited to read through a rough draft. At that time, I stated in an email that I felt the language concerning the forefathers of evangelicalism was too dismissive and too harsh. Men such as the founder of our University, Dr. Jerry Falwell, acted with courage in putting evangelical Christianity on the frontlines of the American dialogue.

‘I was saddened to read that this language was not changed. Then I became angered by the tone of the presentation at the National Press Club (NPC).

‘I must state for the record, the EM does NOT reflect my position, and the speakers at the NPC do NOT reflect my position concerning the current state of Evangelicalism.’

Read the rest of Caner’s statement here: “I Never Signed This Manifesto” – by Ergun Caner (


  • D.J. Williams

    Some of Caner’s comments show a very poor understanding of the document. His criticisms of the protestant/evangelical usage on page 10 completely ignores context. If he disagrees, fine – but don’t lie about what the document claims.

  • Paul

    I thought the readers’ comments were far more interesting than what Caner had to say.

    And I think his brother is a far more effective speaker and leader as well.

  • Matt Svoboda

    Yeah Paul! I think his great granny is even a better person!


    That was the most needless comment. it is not on topic or anything. Because you don’t like what he has to say about the document you make sure and let people know that you think his brother is a better preacher and leader. Why attack/criticize the man because you don’t like what he says about the EM?

  • Ranger

    So, he’s on the document when it is released awhile back, and a few days ago calls Ed Stetzer to discuss the document in further detail (assumingly) knowing that his name is on the list. Then he asks to be removed and now says he never signed it at all. Huh?

  • D. Taylor Benton


    the first thing I noticed about his comments was the fact that he admitted that he became angry at the tone of the NPC…that is the most disturbing part…what does that show about his heart? I pray that he would be able to dialog and contribute to the corporate welfare without anger in his heart, anger always points to something deeper… don’t know what that is but I pray that the Lord will give him grace in that area.

  • Matt Svoboda

    D. Taylor Benton,

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Because he was angry at something he thought wrong and disagreed with you say that there is a ‘heart issue’ that needs worked. Jesus got quite angry about things he thought were wrong and disagreed with. Did he have an ‘heart issue’ that needed worked out? (Remember the temple?)

  • D. Taylor Benton

    No I’m not saying that anger is always sinful..and Matt, I appreciate the charity in calling my comment dumb…I need humility anyways. In the context he wrote that comment, I think there may be more to his anger…I’m not judging him for it, but I will pray for him in that area, I know when I am angry…even at ridiculous comments that some people make, it is because I think I am right…and that honestly stems from selfish Pride, and yes that is a sin…and comparing him to Jesus is the stupidest thing…Matt, last time I checked Caner isn’t a sinless Godman…not to mention that fact that if you really are citing Jesus in the temple, you might want to also take a class in hermeneutics and understand the context and meaning of that story before you proof texting it. I mean really, if you want to call me dumb and say my post is stupid…then at least do it in humility desiring to seek truth and get your facts straight and show the intelligence that God gave you.

  • D. Taylor Benton

    lets expound on what he saw was false….and then draw that to Caner’s anger….if you can do that for me… I learned something.

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