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Bobby Bowden Says Paterno Statue Should Be Removed

In a recent radio interview, Bobby Bowden said that Joe Paterno’s statue should be removed from the campus of Penn State. In his own words:

If I was Joe Paterno’s family, I would want it taken down. Every time they play a game in that stadium, the cameras are going to flash down on that statue of Joe, and it’s going to bring up again this thing with Sandusky. To me, Penn State needs to get that behind them somehow. They gotta pay for the sins — that’s going to cost them a whole lot of money — but every time they see that statue, they’re going to bring that up. I’d hate for his family to have to go through that the rest of their lives.

Bowden was also asked about Paterno’s legacy. Bowden said this:

I’m afraid it’s this. Here’s a guy who spent 60 years ‘doing it the right way.’ Had coaches, compatriots looking up to him, trying to do it his way, and this comes up and erases the whole thing.

On the saddest part of this scandal, Bowden said:

I’m sorry, I’m sorry for Joe, I’m sorry for his family, I’m sorry for all of those, but the main sorrow is for all those kids that got molested 10 years after it could have been cut off.

You can listen to the rest of the interview below.


  • Bruce Harp

    Matthew 18:15 tells us to go to the sinning brother and resolve the sin at hand and move on without broadcasting it. If anything goes beyond that point it is open season on the sinner. Leave the statue where it is as a reminder to all. That should be the purpose of the exposure; to prevent it from happening again.

  • Reg Schofield

    To be honest I’m tired of hearing about his legacy gone and others trying to find a way to salvage it. The fact is he knew and did nothing . He knew and stayed silent while boys were being lured and molested by an pervert that should have been stopped. My heart goes out to the boys who’s lives were truly hurt and effected by a conspiracy of sinful silence. The whole legacy is gone and should be . No amount of winning can undo what was done to one child let alone the others.

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