Bob Costas’ Interview with Jerry Sandusky

[Watch full interview here]

Bob Costas has a hard-hitting interview with alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky. The video above is a small portion of the interview in which Sandusky admits showering with boys but denies any inappropriate contact. Because of the explicit nature of the conversation between Costas and Sandusky, I decided not to embed the full interview in this space. If you want to see the entire interview, you can watch it here. The interview was broadcast earlier this evening on NBC’s “Rock Center.”

There are lots of reasons to doubt the truthfulness of Sandusky’s denial, but the most telling one comes near the end of the full interview when Costas asks Sandusky if he is attracted to young boys. Sandusky does not answer the question like any other normal male would answer the question. He hems and haws and then finally gives a denial.

I believe in Proverbs 18:17, and I believe it is good and right to hear both sides of a story. But having heard the man speak for himself in this interview, I am even more convinced of this man’s guilt.

In a related story tonight, the Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary who witnessed one of the assaults is now saying that he did act to end the assault in progress. According to the NBC News, McQueary says,

“I did the right thing…the truth is not out there fully…I didn’t just turn and run…I made sure it stopped…I had to make quick tough decisions.”

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  • Taylor

    It hardly seems that McQueary could be considered anything other than an accessory after the fact, as it took 9 years for the situation he witnessed to come to light.

  • Derek

    After hearing him deny everything the way he has here, he and his lawyer have set things up that will force the state and the victims to find bulletproof evidence to prove that not only was there sexual contact, but that it was intentional. Pennsylvania’s laws, as those of many other states, so heavily favor pedophiles, that we will be lucky to have a fraction of the 40 charges actually stick and Sandusky may well end up serving a few years with plenty of his sentence served on probation. Bottom line – Sandusky has good reason to demonstrate the confidence he exhibits on this interview with Costas. The victims and state face an uphill climb to take this pervert down.

  • Paula

    On some level, I feel some sympathy for McQueary. We don’t know what went on behind the closed doors of Paterno’s office. Was he threatened? Did his career flash before his eyes? Did they convince him he didn’t see what he thought he saw? Serial abusers are brilliant at this sort of thing. As a grad assistant, McQueary would have been a very young man at the time. That’s a lot of pressure.

    Our family was in a similar situation 10 years ago when my husband found evidence on his brother’s computer that he was abusing his granddaughter. It’s a horrible, agonizing thing
    to confront your brother, to go to the police station with him, and to go from house to house to let family members know their son and brother wouldn’t be coming home any time soon – 15 years, to be exact (his brother confessed, so he received the maximum sentence).

    Of course, it was the right thing to do, but honestly, I don’t know how someone makes those hard decisions apart from faith in Christ. The interview where David Brooks said that people no longer have a “script” for how to handle moral situations is spot-on. Our script was God’s word. Apart from that we would have been clueless.

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