Behold the Lamb of God – John 1:35-51

How many of the blessings of this life are dependent upon our ability to see what is right in front of our face? Our problem so often is not that we can’t see things but that we won’t see things.

When you pull up to a red light and there are people spread out on the intersection taking up donations for a cause to which you don’t wish to make a contribution, what do you do? Do you look at them? No, you look away from them. When you’re not interested, you don’t see because you don’t want to see.

When our children were little, empty-nesters would see us pushing them in the strollers and tell us, “Soak it up. It goes by so fast.” They meant to warn us not to get so lost in the business of life that we would fail to see and treasure the children when they are little. How many parents are too busy to really see and enjoy the blessings God has given them?

Do you see how we often don’t see what’s there because for whatever reason we don’t want to see what’s there. It’s one thing to miss out on the blessing of your children or even to the people taking up donations at an intersection. But what if you fail to see the glory of the one and only Person who can connect you to eternal life?

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