Sermon,  Theology/Bible

A Voice Plainer Than Thunder – John 1:1-5

I recently began a new sermon series at our church on the Gospel of John. The first message is on John 1:1-5, and it is titled “A Voice Plainer Than Thunder,” which is a line from John Chrysostom’s first homily on the fourth Gospel.

After the message, someone asked me what resources I used to prepare the sermon. The answer is that my main resource is the text itself. I don’t mean that as a “Jesus juke” but as a description of my first and most important stage of sermon prep, which begins in reading and working with the Greek text. After that (sometimes during), I will read some commentaries.

For this sermon, I relied heavily on D. A. Carson’s classic exposition in the Pillar series, The Gospel according to John. I also read Colin Kruse’s work in the Tyndale series, John: An Introduction and Commentary. As I mentioned, I took a look at “The Homilies of St. John Chrysostom” in Series 1, Volume 14 of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers. Also, the information about Arianism comes from The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (2005).

Sometimes before I preach, I will listen to sermons from other preachers on the text. I don’t always take time to do this, but I did on this one. I listened to John Piper’s opening message on John’s Gospel that he delivered to Bethlehem Baptist Church back in 2008. I found his exposition to be really helpful. I cite him twice in the sermon, but his sermon informed mine beyond those two citations. Highly recommended.

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