Baylor Is Holding Texas A&M Back from SEC

The presidents of the Southeastern Conference schools voted unanimously last night to invite Texas A&M to join the SEC. Their invitation was extended on the condition that no individual Big 12 schools would sue A&M for leaving the conference. All of the Big 12 schools had given their assurance of no legal action. But Baylor University withdrew their consent yesterday and said that they are considering legal action. Where do things stand now? A&M won’t go to the SEC as long as Baylor holds out.

Surely there are financial reasons for all of this. Baylor is in a conference with outstanding football programs, not the least of which are Texas, Oklahoma and A&M. If A&M leaves, that will be the beginning of the end of the Big 12 as an elite conference. When the music stops, Baylor knows that they are likely not to have a chair to sit in. And a weakened Big 12 probably is not a very attractive prospect to Baylor.

But none of that will make this pill go down any smoother for A&M fans. I hope they get this resolved quickly.


  • steve graves

    Apparently, 1 Corinthians 6 doesn’t apply to A&M … they aren’t brothers, they are Aggies!
    I hate to see the current conference structure evolve into 4 16 team conferences. If the ridiculous BCS would accomodate a playoff, it wouldn’t come to this.

  • Daniel

    The ball is ultimately in UT’s court. If Texas does away with the Longhorn Network, then the Big 12 might survive. If Texas decides to keep the LN, then the conference can’t survive.

    UT has already destroyed two conferences: SWC and the Big-12. Watch out, Pac-12.

  • Scott

    The Aggies can complain all they want about the LHN, but they would do the same thing in a second if the opportunity presented itself. Truth is, they have an overinflated sense of self worth. There’s a reason no one is pushing for an Aggie network. You can’t blame Texas for accepting the del and you can’t blame Baylor for looking out for themselves. A & M looks like the whiny little brother that got whipped.

    • Matt


      Are you Longhorn fan? Be honest…

      TAM is not to blame here. They, just as Texas, are looking out for their own self-interest. Why would they not want to go to the best conference to be an equal partner, rather than treated like a nobody by Texas?

      Texas is to blame in all of this… Nebraska was the first one to stand up for themselves, they got in a much better situation, and not TAM is doing it… It also appears that Oklahoma has some self respect as well and are listening to offers.

      Texas needs to get over themselves… If anyone has an overinflated sense of self worth it is Texas.

      • Scott

        No I’m not a Longhorn. Lived in Texas for a bit and left as soon as I possibly could.

        Sorry man, but Texas looks out for themselves. What, exactly, is wrong with them chasing opportunities to market and cash in on their brand? They’re a top flight research university with a top 5 athletic program. A & M is simply of on the same level. Sorry, but it’s objective truth. If A & M could get a comparable network they would do it in a heartbeat, right? Truth is, they don’t have the product. For all the noise, they have what, one title? And that was over 70 years ago? Yes, they’re good this year but they actually dilute the SEC and offer very little to the conference overall.

        • Daniel

          And Texas has three national titles? You can’t count 1970 where they voted before the bowl games and Texas lost.

          OU has six national titles and NU has five.

          That’s the third best brand in the conference.

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