Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Resigns

This is big news, but not because it remarkably effects the fortunes of the current administration. It’s big news because it does affect the political rhetoric leading into the ’08 election cycle. One of the key strategies of Democratic presidential hopefuls thus far has been castigating the misfires of the Bush administration. Gonzalez’s exit will justify for them adding one more item to their growing list of reasons not to vote for a Republican in ’08. If you vote Republican, you’ll get more of what you got with Bush. Their list of Bush bungles goes something like this:

1. Iraq
2. Abu Ghraib
3. Patriot Act
4. Wireless Surveillance
5. Katrina
6. Gonzales/Firings of U.S. Attorneys

The current political climate often makes it difficult to distinguish legitimate critiques from the illegitimate ones. So much dissembling. So much vanity. Sometimes it’s hard to sort it all out.

Thank goodness ultimate reality isn’t determined by the one who wields the most power in Washington, D.C. After all, we have pinned our hopes on a city which is to come (Hebrews 13:14).

“Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Resigns” – by Howard Schneider (Washington Post)


  • Bryan L

    “Thank goodness ultimate reality isn’t determined by the one who wields the most power in Washington, D.C. After all, we have pinned our hopes on a city which is to come (Hebrews 13:14).”

    Honestly as much as this blog talks about politics, especially pro-Republican politics you wouldn’t think that was the case.

    Just saying…

    Bryan L

  • Matthew


    Not to criticize your comment, but I do want to say that I appreciate the political commentary and perspective that Denny posts. I don’t have time to be a news _n_lyst myself and stories on the front page are often either reported in a biased fashion or else shouldn’t be front page* – so I try to get a couple different perspectives on the news as I go about my business. I appreciate knowing Denny’s perspective and I think he highlights major political events of concern from a conservative viewpoint when they occur. I think this particular post is objective, thoughtful, informative. I am also a Republican, so perhaps I am too biased to call it objective but that is how it struck me.

    *Shades again of Postman – if they have great video of a dumb story and no video of an important story, they will run the great video.

  • Paul

    The problem is, Denny, the republicans are wrong on everything except abortion.

    People can’t afford health insurance. Republican answer? Too bad you’re not rich.

    a collegiate education is now necessary for practically any job which doesn’t involve flipping a burger. Republican response? Tie federal loans to the fed rate so that people end up paying 4-5% more in interest. Making that $100,000 that you’ll have to pay back in 10 years that much easier to pay. Oh yeah, and cut pell grants. Because of all the programs we need to cut, education spending should really be on the top of that list. Short version? Too bad you’re not rich.

    Ask practically anyone except James Inhofe, and they’ll tell you that climate change is a problem. However, lots of rich people like it when their companies pollute the atmosphere. Republican response? We only like the rich.

    But they’ll gladly be pro-life if it means that some Christians will vote for them.

    Okay, as for Gonzalez, it couldn’t have come soon enough. Anyone who makes Ashcroft look like a defender of the bill of rights needs to go buh-bye and immediately.

  • Yvette


    You bring up excellent points. In regard to abortion, electing Republicans because of their supposed “pro-life stance” has yielded minimal results. As Christians we need to be pro-life…and all of life…including caring for those in poverty, the homeless, and those without health care. It is too bad that Christians so quickly dismissed the current administrations promises of compassionate conservatism. Turns out it was just conservative on compassion.

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