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Amend ETS in the News

In July I wrote about my participation in an effort to amend the doctrinal basis of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). Just yesterday, the Baptist Press wrote a little story about the proposal, and you can read it here: “Profs seek change in ETS statement.”

I was happy to read the endorsement given by Dr. David Dockery, the President of Union University:

“I commend . . . efforts to provide a more full-orbed confession for the Evangelical Theological Society. When the society was formed, there was an assumption that a commitment to inerrancy brought with it a commitment to other orthodox and evangelical doctrinal distinctives. But that may not be the case anymore. [The amendment] will help safeguard the mission of the society in the 21st century.”


  • Sue


    I have responded here to the ETS statement. I feel that “equal in power” needs clarification, given that Jesus is no longer “equal in authority” to God.

    Would you care to comment? I feel that confusion is growing regarding the equality of Christ to God, as a consequence of your recent book, and documents by Bruce Ware.

  • Sue

    Maybe the ETS document should simply clarify and say that Christ is “equal in power” and “unequal in authority”. However, I can’t find lexical support for this differentiation in English.

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