Alabama Player Body Slams Mizzou Running Back

In case you missed it last week, Alabama player LaMichael Fanning body slammed a running back from Missouri. In professional wrestling, the move is called the “suplex.” Fanning very easily could have broken the guy’s neck and paralyzed him. Watch the video above, and you’ll see.

I don’t know how this kid got off without being suspended, but he did. The NCAA didn’t do anything, and Nick Saban said he was handling the discipline internally. I guess Fanning had to run some laps or something. Unbelievable.


      • Tyler Dobbs

        I agree that he probably should have been suspended (by the NCAA). However I disagree that the response from Saban was weak. In some ways I think this is a more powerful response than simply suspending him. This was an infraction against a human being and writing letters to both the coach and the player makes the response about a human being. While it does not seem as “serious” of a response as a suspension I believe in many ways it was a better lesson for Fanning. It takes it beyond football and allows Fanning to understand that his actions were about more than an ‘error’ in football but were instead a serious error in judgment that put another human being’s wellbeing in jeopardy. I’m sure writing those letters was an unpleasant experience for Fanning. To reiterate, yes, I do think he should have also been suspended. But I would rather him write the letters than be suspended, if only one punishment were enacted.

  • Bruce Smith

    I think the response and apology was all that was needed and even the Missouri coach thought he did the right thing. I just saw the cheap shot that LSU player Eric Reid took on the A&M player and wonder how Les Miles and LSU will handle that situation.

  • Bruce Smith

    Apples to Oranges, seriously! Reids cheap shot went beyond just a late hit. He hit a defenseless receiver and I guarantee you the NCAA will frown more on that than they will the body slam.

  • John

    Two things…first, as a former football player I know that coaches handle things in ways that make the player wish they would just ‘suspend’ him. what goes on behind the doors of the team typically takes care of these actions.
    Second, as a former DB and old wrestling fan I loved it! I don’t think we should be body slamming people, but the rules are truly in favor of the O and I personally like to see a little hitting and flipping! πŸ™‚

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