Alabama Not Making a Good Case for Rematch with LSU

If Alabama is trying to make a case for a rematch with LSU, they did a poor job tonight. They gave up 21 points to Georgia Southern, a school that is not even in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA. Alabama is a great team, but they did not look like it tonight.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. If LSU and Alabama win out, Alabama does not deserve a second chance at LSU. LSU has already beaten the Tide in Tuscaloosa. It does not make any sense to require LSU to go 2-0 vs. Alabama while only requiring Alabama to go 1-1 with LSU for the title. Alabama had their shot in a head-to-head match-up on their own turf, and they got beat. If LSU wins out, it will be time to give a different team a shot to play LSU.

This year’s squad has a swagger that I have never seen before in an LSU team. The Tigers are ready for all-comers, including teams we’ve already beaten. If it takes beating them again, we are ready for that. Whatever happens, the Tigers will have their chin straps buckled and their game-faces on.


  • Tyler

    I think you’re just bitter cause the rematch is gonna happen haha. Bama did have problems with the triple option and their secondary but we also scored 45 points. Also Georgia Southern is not a bad team, they’ve dominated their conference this year, Bama has 5 men out/injured, and this game meant everything/nothing to GASO which means they play less restrained that if they had to win to keep bcs hopes alive.

    And there’s virtually no chance there isn’t a rematch now — only two games matter at this point: the iron bowl and lsu v arkansas. if both teams win out you have to have the rematch. otherwise its lsu v virginia tech or houston? the two best teams should play in the championship period. if lsu is the best team then they should win when it matters most. If you don’t give the rematch you essentially make a rule that says no matter what you cannot have a rematch in the national championship which seems absurd. If the tide when on jan 9th there should be no dispute. the national championship is one game and if lsu can’t win when it matters most they shouldn’t be national championships; regardless of if they won in the regular season. on the night of jan 9th the past 3 months mean nothing.

    On another note love your blog and what you’re doing for the kingdom. keep it up or maybe the better thing to say is…


  • Greg

    LSU shouldn’t have to play another game after Arkansas if they win. There is no reason for them to play Georgia, as Georgia was abused by Boise in their own back yard. They shouldn’t have to play Bama again, as they’ve already beaten them in Tuscaloosa. Also, Bama has only beaten 2 teams with a winning record, so they don’t deserve to even have a shot at a NC.

    Crown LSU if they beat Arkansas. If they don’t (or lose to Georgia) we will have BCS chaos of epic proportions.

    • Tyler

      I mean what you’re proposing is absurd but I’m assuming you’re being facetious. Football isn’t and shouldn’t be about deserving anything. And even if you take the arguments you’re using into account, that is exactly what the BCS and other polls are taking into account. So if they put Bama at #2 and you deny the rematch, then you either have to make a rule saying there can never be a rematch in the championship which is crazy or you have to argue that Bama shouldn’t be at number two – which given the last two weekends cannot really be argued (unless you want to propose Boise, Houston, or Stanford). There really is no logical argument for denying the rematch; to use hyperbole: if LSU and Bama were 11-0 and 10-1 respective and everyone else was 1-10 you could not say that LSU should play a 1-10 team just because otherwise it would be a rematch; and if for some reason there cannot be a rematch and LSU plays two loss Oregon or something and Oregon wins then you could just say that Oregon doesn’t deserve the championship because they lost two games, weren’t the second best team, and just won one game to be champions. And the fact that they gave up 21 points to Georgia Southern is not an argument either because if it was OK State who played the same game as Bama everyone would be praising them. It’s only because people expect Bama’s defense to keep opponents to one TD or less that their 21 points are even being mentioned.

  • donsands

    I liked to see ya’ll play Stanford and this boy Luck. That would be exciting. That was two amazing upsets last night and both winning QBs were quite humble and thanked God: the Baylor QB and the USC QB.

    LSU is a notch above all the rest. But, any given bowl game and day.

    Have a terrific Thanksgiving bro; you and your fam! May our Savior be closer to your heart this year than He ever has been before. Jesus is such a Friend, and yet He is our Lord, where we gladly and affectionately bow our hearts and knees.

    And keep up the excellent blog. It’s very encouraging to come here and set and take in some good food and genuine “stuff” that makes our world what it is in His sight.

  • Jason

    The argument against a rematch seems flawed for this reason: if there was a playoff system (like the NFL), then Alabama and LSU could still play each other in the final game. LSU would have to win in order to take the championship (thus making them 2-0 against Alabama). Or, Alabama could win and take the championship (thus making them 1-1 against LSU). Unless you have a system that declares a winner at the end of the regular season based on who won the most (or some kind of point system, such as is used in soccer in Europe), then you always run the risk of their being a rematch.

  • Greg Smith

    Ha, ha! I knew this was coming. Listen, I have no dog in this fight but when I woke up Saturday morning here in Des Moines and got online to see how badly OSU crushed ISU, needless to say, I was shocked at the results. And the first person I thought about was you, Denny! I figured Alabama would be back at number 2 and you would be making the case for them not to play in the national championship game. But if they are the number 2 team regardless of all other things, they still deserve their shot in the title game. Nor should they have to beat LSU twice. If ‘Bama lost to LSU in the regular season then wound up facing them in the title game of a playoff, they would only have to beat them that one time to be national champs.

    Surely, you must recognize your bias here, huh?

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