Abortion and Obama’s Foreign Policy

clintonOn March 27, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a speech to Planned Parenthood’s annual Federation of America Awards gala, and she said the following:

“I want to assure you that reproductive rights… will be a key to the foreign policy of this Administration… I was very proud when President Obama repealed the Mexico City policy. (Applause.) As a result, nongovernmental organizations overseas can once again use U.S. funding to provide the full range of family planning services so that women and their families can get access to the healthcare that they need.”

President Obama has said that he wants to find “common ground” upon which to reduce the need for abortion. Yet notice that his Secretary of State says that expanding the abortion license abroad is “a key” part of Obama’s foreign policy. Here is a clear case where moderate-sounding rhetoric is being used to cloak a radical pro-abortion agenda.

(HT: Moral Accountability)

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