A Little Boy Who Wants To Live as a Girl

The video above is the story of a little boy named Jack who “feels” like he is a girl. His parents have affirmed his intuition and are now letting him live the life of a little girl with the name Jackie. The parents are tragically wrong in this case. And the grandfather is right to insist that 10 year olds do not know what’s best for themselves and that parental guidance is needed (Proverbs 22:6).

Jim Kushiner’s commentary on this story is spot-on:

Is Jack something apart from his body, something that just inhabits a body? Is that something (soul or spirit?) male or female, but not physically so? GMA is just telling us how it is….Dressing like a girl when his body is simply male is somehow going to end up better for him than dealing with interior feelings? So what is a teenage boy at his future high school supposed to do if he strikes up a friendship with “Jackie”? Does Jackie owe it to him to tell the boy …? Should society construct a new way of dressing that says, “Boy in a girl’s body?” What if “Jackie” decides she’s a lesbian, dates a girl and they “have sex”? Is it heterosexual sex? Or could Jackie sexually harass a boy? What do the rules say? You see where all this is going, and counselors and school board members will write reams of regulations and guidance and standards  for managing a complete mess. This is what happens when you take something that is tragically off, and insist, no, there is no problem here, only what society has made into a problem, and we are going to say it’s normal…

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  • Kelley Kimble

    When I saw the clip my first thought was, who gave this toddler a dress to put on? Do you just let children do whatever they want? I can think of no more flagrant an example of creating your own truth than, “I have a boy’s body, with boy parts and boy genetics, but I’m really a girl.”

  • Ken Temple

    As Randy Stonehill sang in the 80s:

    “Stop the world, I wanna get off;
    this is too weird for me.

    Stop the world, I wanna get off;
    I’ve just got to find a planet where they’re interested in sanity.”

    Well it’s ok to murder babies but we really ought to save the whales
    . . .
    right is wrong and wrong is right,
    white is black and black is white
    I think I just lost my appetite . . .

  • Donald Johnson

    I wonder if something chemical/hormonal is going on, perhaps he got a extra dose of female hormones while in the womb. There is a sequence of steps involved in forming a male baby from a fertile egg and perhaps something happened that was not normal. If I were one of the parents, I would check on this professionally.

  • donsands

    Man, that is sick. I like the Randy Stonehill song. He was right, “It’s a Great Big Stupid World”

    May the Lord intervene in this young lad’s life. Amen.

  • Daryl Little

    Very sad.

    And very odd that the parents thought that an 18month old boy wearing a dress and dancing was abnormal for a boy.

    I have 5 boys and one girl and most of my boys did stuff like that at that age, some longer than others, but we never talked like they were a boy and assumed it would pass.

    The kid has one older sister for heavens sake! Of course he’ll want to act like that at such an early age. What kid doesn’t want to be like their older sibling.

    And why by him barbies? And what 10 year old girl, real or fake, should be wearing make up when they’re not playing dress up?

    So many questions, so many stupid stupid answers.

    By the way, for that dad…of course you knew you were a boy at 2 years old…you were big enough to pull down your pants by then…

  • Kevin C

    I remember seeing Oprah ripping on a white father who wouldn’t support his son who decided he was a girl. I wanted so badly for the father to say…..”Oprah, what are you doing, we black folks gotta stick together!”

    If we can do it with gender, it seems we could do it with race as well. What you see is not exactly what you get. It is a crazy world!

  • Dustin Germain

    Not sure that this is so bad. I am extremely conservative in my view of gender roles [i am a complemantarian] but how do we know that this is not a case where the child is genetically female, but phenotypically male? Maybe there are some legitimate chemical and genetic things going on there. We live in a fallen world, and if children can be born with tragic deformities, or with both sex organs, or with a host of other “anomalies”, then why is it so impossible to suppose that perhaps this may be a legitimate case of a girl who has the mindset, emotions, feelings, and feminine soul of a woman, whose body at birth came out as a male?

    • BPRJam

      I’d like to see more discussion about this. There are many documented medical cases where this exact thing happens. Medically, sex seems to be on somewhat of a continuum.

      What does that mean for gender roles and proclivities? How do we, as Christians, respond sensibly to a person whose actual physiologic sex is confused? (Though, genital agenesis is virtually always confined to genotypically males who are phenotypically female.)

  • Barry Applewhite

    Wow! It really bothers me that so many parents abdicate leadership. There are way too many Christian marriages that are managed for the children alone. It seems to me that is backwards. We manage a Christian family for Christ first and secondly for the long-term strength of the marital relationship. A child who grows up around parents with a strong faith and a strong relationship has every opportunity to have a great life.


  • Kelley Kimble

    While there are cases where children are born with both male and female organs, there is no indication that this is the case with this child. In cases where a person with the genetic and physical make-up of one gender insists that he or she is really the opposite, with the “wrong” body, there seems to be very little scientific info.

  • donsands

    God made us male and female. If it’s a boy, it’s a boy. If it’s a girl it’s a girl. I have 4 grandsons. I was hoping for a grand daughter. I really wished Calvin was a baby girl, when I went to the sonogram, but, when the doctor said there is the sign that this is a boy, I was downhearted for a bit. But now with Calvin 9 months old, he is such a blessing to me, and I would never want him to be a girl. Thank You Lord for giving me 4 wonderful grandsons. Amen.

    • Jim W

      cuckholdon; you’re missing the big picture. Yes, God made everything perfectly-originally. Then we humans sinned and so began our downward plummet. What was once perfect is now fatally flawed. All these mixed-up sex assignments (don’t know what to call them) boys who think they’re girls, people who try to both or neither, those are all aberrations on God’s original masterwork. Nothing but mutations helped along by an ungodless society who is willing to normalize the most evil of our thoughts and practices.
      What God made perfectly, we humans have ruined, so don’t try to call this boys’ actions something God did. Sin did it, not God.

  • yankeegospelgirl

    There are incredibly rare cases where a person is both with both sets of genitalia, or has external genitalia of one gender and the chromosomal pattern of another (e.g. Caster Semenya).

    This is not the same thing. All this is is a case where a child “feels” like the opposite gender. This boy formed preferences at a very young age that happened to be “girl-oriented,” and since the parents didn’t actively try to yank him back to the real world, they just let those preferences grow as he got older. So by the time he was going to school, he already had this home routine developing that he felt comfortable with, and when he encountered derision from the other kids, that made him all the more confused and wishing he could just stick with what he wants to do and be all the time so he wouldn’t get teased. And since he’s never been taught that God created two distinct genders, he has this idea that maybe he really can “be” something he’s not. Hence, his insistence that he now “become” a girl.

  • donsands

    good word Jim and gospelgirl. I was also thinking of how there are sometimes twins united with one stomach and yet two brains. And a lot of other awkward and very disturbing ways humans come into this life.
    But the Word of God, the Bible, is the truth, and we need to seek the truth of God when we consider all these things, don’t we.

    This world is full of devils and is accursed, and very dark in sin. Yet, God sent his Son,–gave His Son–, to this sinful world, because God so loved this world that hates Him, and despises His Word, which is the truth that can set us free.

  • ar

    i completely believe this will be more and more common in the future and christians need to have a rational, not emotional, response to this issue. debating on emotion will further hurt christians from having any serious discussions in these fields.

    i do believe that people can be gay from birth, but that doesn’t make it right. simply doing something wrong from birth doesn’t makes it right. a set standard of morals determines what is right and wrong; simply doing the wrong all your life doesn’t make it right.

    it seems that everyone wants the easy way out and that patience no longer is important. the boy is a kid and life-long decisions are being made. the brain is not mature until like 25, and this kid is only 10. im pretty sure he doesn’t fully understand things. he sees what life is like as a girl because of his sister, and therefore wants to be like her. did he have friends who were boys or did he only spend time with his sister?

    anyway, i feel really sorry for this kid. he probably feels alone and his future will get harder and not easier. i cannot imagine the bullying he will receive in high school. i pray for his salvation

    • Jim W

      cDon, you really need to work on reading comprehension. You have twisted everything that has been said to you and made it what you want to hear.
      We are all born with a sin nature. We all sin, no matter what. For most men, we want to procreate with anything female that catches our eye. If we don’t control those lusts, it’s sin. It works the same way for any other sin you care to name, be it homosexuality, greed, anger, whatever. If we allow our human nature to run wild, we are breaking God’s laws. We deserve eternal punishment for that. Only when we accept God’s gift of forgiveness and enter into partnership with His Holy Spirit can we defeat those sinning ways. And even then, we all still sin pretty regularly. But…we recognize that fact and ask for God’s forgiveness and strength to not repeat our sins. And it goes until we die. Anyone who lives in sin, or continues in sin after claiming to be born again apparently really isn’t saved. And once again, that applies to all.

      • Jim W

        Little late getting back to you, didn’t realize you had responded. Like I said, take a course in reading comprehension. I never said any of the things you claim I said.
        I’m not judging anyone, merely stating the Biblical fact that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. One person sins by homosexual proclivity another sins by stealing, another sins with heterosexual activity. WE HAVE ALL SINNED! And, yes, I’m yelling that because you apparently read as well as you spell. Sorry to be snarky, but I just don’t believe you’re as illiterate as you seem to want to play.

  • Chris

    Sadly this story is not the only one out there!

    Georgia school denies use of boy’s bathroom to transgender child

    By Christian Boone
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    The father of a 7-year-old born a girl said the second-grader, prohibited from using the boys bathroom at school in McIntosh County, has never fit traditional gender roles.

    At 18 months, the child told Tommy Theollyn, 28, “I’m a boy.”

    The child’s father, who gave birth a year before beginning his own gender transition, said he wants school officials in this rural southeast Georgia county to view his son the way the child has always viewed himself.

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