A Bittersweet Tribute to Peyton Manning

I think the people of Indianapolis are feeling something of what the people of Dallas experienced when Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry in 1989. Colts fans have watched the Colts organization pull the rug out from under their tried and true champion. As with Landry and in spite of the best arguments in favor of the move, it just seems wrong. Really wrong. Maybe it will be a move that will lead to more championships, but still. It just seems wrong.

Rick Reilly has written a heartfelt tribute to Petyon Manning at, and I think it probably expresses what a lot of the fans in Indy are feeling.

Thank you, Peyton Manning…

You came to the line and changed the play 1,000 times, but you never changed your team, your city, your fans. Jim Irsay did all that for you Wednesday.

That would’ve gone down most guys’ throats like a porcupine, but you took it and you smiled and you stood there with your arm around Irsay like he wasn’t the one dumping you, like there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.

That’s grace. You had it in the huddle and you had it in the pocket and you had it at the end.

So thank you, Peyton Manning. And bravo. You wore the horseshoe, but it was us who got lucky.

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(HT: Mike Cosper)

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  • donsands

    Big Peyton fan here. I go back to his days as a Volunteer, as someone who loved to watch Peyton play football..
    What a college QB he was!
    And as a Colt, (well, there’s the hold fact that I’m a Baltimore Colt fan,) and so it’s different for me, but I loved the guy still. Sad that he was told to take a hike. I remember when Johnny U. left the Colts, and tried to keep playing, and it was embarressing really. I hope Peyton does the right thing. 14 years is a good season in the NFL.

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