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180 Movie

Last night I took the opportunity to watch Ray Comfort’s viral movie “180.” It is a 33-minute tour de force of pro-life argument and evangelism. In the movie, Ray Comfort quizzes people on the street about the Holocaust and about abortion. He sets his trap skillfully to convince people that if they oppose the Holocaust, they ought to oppose abortion as well. By the end of the movie, many of the interviewees make a 180 on their views about abortion. At the end of the movie, Comfort turns these conversations about abortion into conversations about the gospel. I don’t know that any of these folks actually became disciples of Jesus, but it was clear that many of them were thinking very seriously about things they had never before considered.

VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED: The “180” movie includes graphic footage both from the Holocaust and the abortion clinic. Children should not watch this film without the permission of their parents.

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  • Brent Hobbs

    I think it’s encouraging how many people he talked to were willing to think through the implications of their beliefs when pushed to do so. (Kind of makes me wonder how many interviews go badly, when most of the ones shown go at least fairly well.) He is a a little pushy with them but most don’t seem to mind so much, which is not what I would expect. Maybe I’ve conditioned myself to expect a more negative reaction than would actually be the case with this kind of conversation. I probably shy away from pushiness to a fault.

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