12 Ways to Love Your Wayward Child

John Piper’s son introduces 12 ways to love your wayward child with the following statement:

Many parents are brokenhearted and completely baffled by their unbelieving son or daughter. They have no clue why the child they raised well is making such awful, destructive decisions. I’ve never been one of these parents, but I have been one of these sons. Reflecting back on that experience, I offer these suggestions to help you reach out to your wayward child.

John Piper commends his son’s reflections with these words:

My son Abraham, who speaks from the wisdom of experience and Scripture, has written the article that follows. I read it with tears and laughter. It is so compelling that I asked him immediately if I could share it with the church and the wider Christian community. There is no greater joy than to see your children walking in the truth—and expressing it so well. 

Read all 12 suggestions here: “12 Ways to Love Your Wayward Child” by Abraham Piper.


  • Joe B.

    Abraham’s comments are worth tucking away for the next counseling session with those in this situation. I used them last night. Too often as parents the response to a wayward child looks and sounds as selfish as they are acting. He/she thinks the parents want them to straighten up to make things better for the parents or the home or their testimony, etc. Sometimes it looks and sounds like wanting kids to be better for their own good. But sin is deceptive and it looks good and all this counsel sounds selfish or misguided. What’s really at stake is their seeing the glory of God in the face of Christ. Somehow the words of a pastor or a counselor or a parent have to scream and plead and sob forth this as the driving agenda.

  • Wade

    This article is more than Christian parents loving wayward children, it is the way Christians should love the world! Is sounds like a missionary plan of action to me.


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