Irrelevant SBC?

Jeffrey Weiss has an interesting story at on the declining media coverage of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Weiss argues that the SBC has taken unpopular stands over the years and as a result has become increasingly irrelevant to the mainstream of American culture. Even though media coverage was overblown in past years, he argues that the coverage is too little now. Continue Reading →


An Interview with Derek Webb

I guess I’ve written so much on this blog about Derek Webb that folks feel the need to alert me whenever they hear about him in the news. I’m grateful that they do. A reader recently alerted me to an interview that Derek gave to a Canadian radio host named Drew Marshall. You can download it here or listen to it below.


As you might expect, this interview includes material about Derek’s controversial song “What Matters More” and his recent tour with Jennifer Knapp. Up until this point, Derek has been (at best) unclear about his views on the moral status of homosexuality. This interview isn’t much better, but he does make a statement that I haven’t heard him say before. He says that he believes Jennifer Knapp to be a “Christian person.” Continue Reading →


Schoolhouse Rocks the 4th of July

I used to watch “Schoolhouse Rock” every Saturday morning. Through this program, a whole generation learned about manifest destiny (“Elbow Room”), English grammar (“Conjunction Junction”), how a bill becomes a law (“I’m just a bill”), and much more. So here is my annual 4th of July tribute to Schoolhouse Rock’s videos on the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. Continue Reading →


Spurgeon on Baptism

While preparing to teach on regenerate church membership and believer’s baptism in my church tomorrow, I came across one of my favorite quotes from Charles H. Spurgeon. It’s from his autobiography, and I couldn’t agree more with him.

“If I thought it wrong to be a Baptist, I should give it up, and become what I believed to be right… If we could find infant baptism in the word of God, we should adopt it. It would help us out of a great difficulty, for it would take away from us that reproach which is attached to us,—that we are odd, and do not as other people do. But we have looked well through the Bible, and cannot find it, and do not believe that it is there; nor do we believe that others can find infant baptism in the Scriptures, unless they themselves first put it there.”

—Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Susannah Spurgeon, Joseph Harrald, The Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon, vol. 1 (Chicago: F.H. Revell, 1898), p. 155.


Final Mohler Program

Tune-in to the final episode of “The Albert Mohler Program” at 5pm today at I am grateful for Dr. Mohler and his daily efforts to bring the Christian faith to bear upon issues in the news. He’s done it faithfully and effectively for nine years, and I’m sad that it is coming to an end. It’s been a great run for a great show. Don’t miss the final installment today at You can also stream it live below.

I should mention what are probably two of the low-points of the program’s 9-year run: June 30, 2008 and October 22, 2009. The guest on both of those days was nothing to write home about, but as a long-time listener I was honored nonetheless to be a part of the show.

Thank you, Dr. Mohler, for 9 years of top-notch Christian broadcasting. It was a joy to listen!


Feminism and Porn

I just read an extremely disturbing review article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper titled “The truth about the porn industry.” It’s about a sociology professor and feminist named Gail Dines who is crusading against pornography in her new book Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality. [I have to warn readers that this article is disturbing precisely because it describes in no uncertain terms the degradation that has become common fare in today’s smut industry. Please beware.] Continue Reading →


Murderous Feminism

I cannot believe what I have just read. Antonia Senior has written a piece for The Times of London in favor of killing human beings in order to further the Feminist cause. I am not kidding. This is what she wrote. You might think it a joke or a hoax, but it’s not. The article appears in a column in a major newspaper and is meant to be taken seriously.

Here’s her argument in a nutshell. As a pro-choice feminist, Senior says she had always believed that an unborn child was not a life but a potential life. That was her belief until she finally had her own child. After giving birth to her own little girl, her view of the personhood of the unborn changed. In her own words: Continue Reading →


Perfect Storm of Bureaucratic Gridlock

From the author of Forest Gump comes one of the saddest reports I’ve read about the oil spill yet. His description of the clean-up effort is particularly dispiriting. Winston Groom writes:

“So far, the effort to contain the spill has been pathetic. Oil washes up, and after a while a truck arrives with a cleaning crew hired from distant states, who mop-up or shovel it into plastic bags that may or may not get picked up later. They then return to sit under a tent until the next call comes or, as has happened in a few cases, a sheriff arrives to arrest them on outstanding warrants. Meantime, fleets of college kids using daddy’s fishing boat are being paid up to $2,000 a day to tool around looking for oil.”

Groom says that the government’s effort to clean-up the oil “has created a perfect storm of bureaucratic and regulatory gridlock.” Read the rest here.


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