A Compromise on Same-Sex “Marriage”?

Last Sunday, David Blankenhorn and Jonathan Rauch penned an op-ed for the New York Times and made the case for a compromise between those on opposite sides of the same-sex “marriage” debate. Here’s what they proposed:

“It would work like this: Congress would bestow the status of federal civil unions on same-sex marriages and civil unions granted at the state level, thereby conferring upon them most or all of the federal benefits and rights of marriage. But there would be a condition: Washington would recognize only those unions licensed in states with robust religious-conscience exceptions, which provide that religious organizations need not recognize same-sex unions against their will. The federal government would also enact religious-conscience protections of its own. All of these changes would be enacted in the same bill.” Continue Reading →

Was Jesus a Racist?

Was Jesus a racist? According to Miguel De La Torre, he was. In an opinion-piece for the Associated Baptist Press, De La Torre sets forth an interpretation of Matthew 15:21-28 that is nothing short of heretical. De La Torre charges that, when Jesus addressed a Canaanite woman as a dog, he revealed that he was a racist.

Rather than summarizing the essay, I’ll ask you to read some of this one for yourself. Here’s De La Torre in his own words: Continue Reading →

Gospel Living in an Oscar Culture

The movie “Milk” is based on the true story of a homosexual activist from the late 1970’s named Harvey Milk. Among other things, the movie depicts Milk’s fight against Proposition 6 (a ballot measure aimed at keeping homosexuals from teaching in public schools), a measure which seems to parallel the recent passage of Proposition 8 in California.

If you watched the Academy Awards last night, then perhaps you saw the two speeches from the two winners who were related to this movie. The first winner was Dustin Lance Black who won the award for Best Original Screenplay, and second was Sean Penn who won the Best Actor Award. In their acceptance speeches, both artists took a hard-line in favor of gay-rights. Continue Reading →

Test Case for Libertarian Free Will

As I was reading in the book of Exodus this morning, I came across a couple of verses that provoked some reflection on the debate about the nature of human freedom. After defining the Arminian view of human freedom, I’ll share the verses and throw out a question for discussion.

Calvinists and Arminians have debated the nature of free will for centuries. While mainstream Calvinists tend to hold to a compatibalist view of the will, Arminians have typically gravitated toward a libertarian view. Bruce Ware defines the libertarian view as follows: Continue Reading →

Gospel Clarity and the Call to Suffer

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to preach in Southern Seminary’s chapel on Tuesday. The message is online now, and you can download it here or listen to it below.

R. T. France’s Commentary on Matthew

I am preparing a sermon for Southern Seminary’s chapel on Tuesday, and I have been making extensive use of R. T. France’s commentary on Matthew’s Gospel. France holds to the priority of Mark, but he nevertheless believes that Matthew’s Gospel was written before the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 AD. Thus he is persuaded that the apostle Matthew is indeed the likely author. This commentary was published in 2007, so it is relatively up-to-date. It is an excellent exposition of the text, and I commend it to you.

R. T. France, The Gospel of Matthew, NICNT (Eerdmans, 2007). Continue Reading →

Obama’s Pornography Defending Appointment

President Obama has recently selected a pornography defending attorney to be Deputy Attorney General of the United States. Albert Mohler wrote about the appointment last week saying this:

“One of the leading legal defenders of pornography has been David Ogden, a lawyer who can only be described as a First Amendment extremist, who has even argued against laws against child pornography.

“President Barack Obama has nominated David Ogden as Deputy Attorney General of the United States. This nomination is both ominous and dangerous. Given David Ogden’s high visibility in defense of pornography, this nomination sends a clear and unmistakable message. The pornography business will have a friend in high office in the Department of Justice.”

Matthew Schmitz has also written an exposé of Ogden’s pornography defending resumé, and he urges the senate to reject Ogden’s nomination. I join him in that call and hope you will too. Continue Reading →

Top 10 Slam Dunk Contest Moments

Nate Robinson won the NBA’s slam dunk contest this weekend. At 5’9″, his performance was absolutely Spud-Webbish. The Huffington Post has some video highlights here. Posted above are ESPN’s top ten moments from past contests.

Dr. Harold Hoehner (1935-2009)

I just received word that one of my old professors from DTS has passed away, Dr. Harold Hoehner. The seminary has a tribute posted on their website that you should take a minute to read. Here are some random remembrances of what it was like to be his student.

Dr. Hoehner was more than just a professor at DTS. He was an institution. His tenure overlapped that of four different Presidents of the school: Dr. John Walvoord, Dr. Donald Campbell, Dr. Chuck Swindoll, and Dr. Mark Bailey. Dr. Hoehner taught at DTS for 42 years. Continue Reading →

Wright’s New Book: This Is Irenic?

I have recently begun to read N. T. Wright’s new book on justification, Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision. In an earlier post, I noted that this is the book in which Wright responds to John Piper’s book on the same topic. I am not posting a full review here. I only want to make an observation about the book’s tone thus far.

Last month, there was quite a bit of discussion about IVP’s release of the endorsements of the book (see also Justin Taylor’s discussion). Though endorsers touted the book as an “irenic” response to Piper, we found the endorsements to be anything but “irenic.” We withheld judgment about the book itself since it was not yet available. Continue Reading →

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