Opening Messages to Boyce College

I can’t imagine a better place to be serving in academic ministry than Boyce College. This week, we kicked-off a new school year, and, after a quiet summer around the office, it is always exciting to see new and returning students bustling around campus once again. As the Dean, I had several opportunities to address these students over the weekend. I have posted one of the messages below, and the rest are available at the Boyce College website.

If you have not done so already, please sign-up for the Boyce College Podcast, or add our feed to your favorite feed-reader. There you will find weekly broadcasts of sermons from Boyce College Chapel and Dorm Meeting. This semester, we will feature messages from Mark Dever, Albert Mohler, Russell Moore and others.

If you or anyone you know is looking for an undergraduate education focused on a rigorously theological course of study, please visit our website. We would love to visit with you.

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Crossings Camps

Christianity Today reports that Christian camp ministries are in decline. Bob Kobielush, president of the Christian Camp and Conference Association, explains why:

“Camp attendance has been declining since the 1990s . . . due to rising operational costs, government regulations, competition from sports and music camps, and the growing popularity of summer mission trips. He also noted that many churches no longer value the traditional camp experience, and that many megachurches now offer their own camps. . . Kobielush said it could take three to five years before Christian camps see growth in attendance again, but he remains optimistic.”

Even though the Christian camping industry is taking a hit nationwide, there is one that I know of that is bucking the trend. Crossings Camps operates two sites in Kentucky, and they are the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned. Not only do they have all the bells and whistles that you would want in a summer camp, they also have a solid theological vision for camping ministry. Moreover, their camping program includes special emphases on world-missions, adoption, and orphan-care. For these reasons (and more), Crossings Camps has been growing in spite of the economic downturn.

If you are interested in a solid camping experience for the students in your church, you should check out Crossings. They are doing a great work for the Kingdom.

Mohler Comments on Polyamory

If polyamory is a new term for you, here’s a definition: “engaging in loving, intimate relationships with more than one person — based upon the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.” Albert Mohler comments on Newsweek‘s recent report about the burgeoning polyamorous movement, and he concludes with this:

‘Perhaps the best way to understand this new movement is to understand it as a natural consequence of subverting marriage. We have largely normalized adultery, serialized marriage, separated marriage from reproduction and childbearing, and accepted divorce as a mechanism for liberation. Once this happens, boundary after boundary falls as sexual regulation virtually disappears among those defined as “consenting adults.”

‘The ultimate sign of our moral confusion becomes evident when virtually no one appears ready to condemn polyamory as immoral. The only arguments mustered against this new movement focus on matters of practicality. Polyamory is certainly not new, but this new movement is yet another reminder that virtually all the fences are now down when it comes to sex and sexual relationships.  What comes next?’

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John Hughes (1950-2009)

John Hughes died suddenly yesterday of a heart attack. Hughes was a filmmaker whose heyday was in the 1980’s. His credits include “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Sixteen Candles,” “Home Alone,” and many more.

I don’t know anything about John Hughes personally. All I know are his movies because they were quintessential expressions of popular culture in the 1980’s. I wouldn’t say that his movies defined a generation so much as they reflected it. And that was his genius. Somehow this guy made movies that rang true with young people. Ben Stein (who had a famous bit part in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) said this about Hughes: Continue Reading →

My Sister & Family on “The 700 Club”

My sister and her family were featured on “The 700 Club” today (see video above). It’s the story of my nephew’s ministry and near-death illness. Two details not included in the video: (1) The town Deweyville, Texas was home for our family for two years in the early 80’s; (2) Carter resumed his mercy ministry in Deweyville after he recovered from his illness.

I love my sister and her family, and I am so proud of them! What’s more, I’m grateful to God for His mercy in their lives.

Healthcare Legislation to Fund Abortions

The Associated Press reports that Americans may be getting more than they bargained for from healthcare legislation that is now making its way through Congress.

“Health care legislation before Congress would allow a new government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortions, a decision that would affect millions of women and recast federal policy on the divisive issue. . .

“Advocates on both sides are preparing for a renewed battle over abortion, which could jeopardize political support for President Barack Obama’s health care initiative aimed at covering nearly 50 million uninsured and restraining medical costs. The dispute could come to a head with House and Senate floor votes on abortion this fall, a prospect that many lawmakers would like to avoid.”
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From “Christ Air” to Christ Heir

Folks have frequently asked me about the picture of me on the skateboard in the header image of this blog. Usually the questions have something to do with whether or not the picture is real. The answer to that question is yes (though readers should know that getting a still-shot in the air is pretty easy; landing, however, is another matter altogether). Truth be known, I haven’t been a serious skateboarder since the late 80’s. This picture was taken at my parent’s home in 2005. I had decided to try my old skateboard out while visiting my folks, my friend Barry Joslin snapped a picture, and voila. I became what every authentic skateboarder despises—a poser. But at least I got a good picture out of it. Continue Reading →

My Stupid Human Trick Revealed

Last week I wrote about a stupid human trick that caught the attention of the David Letterman program while I was in New York. I didn’t reveal what the trick was in that post, but a lot of readers have been asking me nevertheless. I feel compelled, therefore, to reveal it now. If any of you are interested in seeing a video of my trick on YouTube, then you should click here.

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