Damning Euphemisms

babies_1Some euphemisms are good and necessary. It’s a good thing that people talk about “going to the bathroom” rather than reporting on what they are actually about to do. In this sense, euphemisms nurture polite, wholesome conversation. In other words, they are good and necessary in a decent society.

But some euphemisms are damning in that they intentionally cover-up great evils that ought to be exposed for what they are. When a pornographic movie is billed as having “adult content,” that is a euphemism that serves to salve the seared consciences of sinners who do not want to acknowledge the evil of pornography. Inasmuch as the euphemism provides comfort to a conscience that ought to be afflicted, the euphemism is damning. It simply becomes a cover for evil that ought to be a source of outrage in a just society. Continue Reading →

Reproductive Technologies, Sexual Ethics, and ‘Jon & Kate Plus Eight’

tlcJulie Vermeer Elliott has a hard-hitting article in Christianity Today on “Evangelicals and the Making of Jon & Kate Plus 8.” She argues that evangelicals have been undiscerning in placing “Jon & Kate” on a spiritual pedestal. Long before marital infidelity was alleged, evangelicals were willing to overlook Jon and Kate’s “materialism, narcissism, and exploitation of children.”

Elliott also questions the propriety of the reproductive technologies that were used to produce the eight children who star in this reality show. She writes: Continue Reading →

Free MP3: ‘The Don’t Song’

I’m a big fan of “Johnny and Chachi.” They have put together an impressive body of work, much of which I have featured on this blog. Johnny and Chachi have recently decided to make their hit single “The Don’t Song” available for free download. Now, not only can you watch the video on YouTube, but you can also listen to this classic hit on your iPod as well. Enjoy!

“The Don’t Song” by Johnny and Chachi

The New JBMW Online

The Spring 2009 issue of The Journal for Biblical Manhood & Womanhood has been released, and you can read the entire table of contents here. Some of the articles are available online from the CBMW website. Here’s an excerpt from my editorial:

“I sat in for a portion of the LGBT/Queer Hermeneutics Section at the annual SBL meeting this past November in Boston. What I heard there was both startling and sobering. The presentation that I attended featured a female theologian from a small seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. She delivered a paper on Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians-a presentation which included a variety of vulgar double-entendres involving the text of scripture and which would hardly be useful to repeat here.
Continue Reading →

The Murder of an Infamous Abortionist

An infamous abortion doctor, Dr. George Tiller, was murdered today in his church in Wichita, Kansas. The murder suspect is now in custody, and reports say that the alleged shooter is “fanatically” opposed to abortion and believes in “justifiable homicide.” Obviously, the investigation has just begun, but many already suspect that the motive for the shooting was related to Dr. Tiller’s medical practice, which provides late-term abortions.

I agree with the sentiments expressed by Dr. Albert Mohler, who writes: Continue Reading →

Is Twittering in Church a Bad Idea?

twitterTime magazine recently published an article about pastors who encourage their parishioners to Twitter during worship services. Josh Harris has responded with a timely little essay on why it is in fact not good or healthy to Twitter during corporate worship. Today, John Piper has followed with an endorsement of what Harris has written. Piper writes:

“There is a difference between communion with God and commenting on communion with God.

“Don’t tweet while having sex. Don’t tweet while praying with the dying. Don’t tweet when your wife is telling you about the kids. There’s a season for everything. Multitasking only makes sense when none of the tasks requires heart-engaged, loving attention.”

Read the rest here.

Robert George v. Doug Kmiec

forumPepperdine professor Doug Kmiec is a “pro-life” Roman Catholic who vigorously supported President Barack Obama’s candidacy for President. Princeton professor Robert George is also a pro-life Roman Catholic, and he decidedly did not support Obama’s candidacy. In short, George believes that President Obama’s policies will result in an increase of the number of abortions in America. Yesterday, George and Kmiec squared-off in a discussion at the National Press Club that was carried on C-Span. You can watch it here or read the Washington Times report on it here.

Fad Alert: White Knots for Gay “Marriage”

annehathawayinnaug1Do you remember the ubiquitous red ribbons that became popular during the 80’s to show solidarity with those suffering with HIV/AIDS? It looks like it’s time for the red ribbons to move over because now there is a new cause célèbre accessory that is sweeping the nation—the white knot. According to WhiteKnot.org, here is what the white knot represents:

“The White Knot is the symbol for marriage equality. Wear it every day to show your support and to create conversation. Use it to tell someone today that equal rights are important to everyone. Share the White Knot and spread the word that all loving couples deserve the same legal rights, benefits, and respect that civil marriage bestows.”

There have already been numerous celebrities and public figures who have donned the White Knot to show their support for same-sex “marriage” (see pictures here). Just today, the New York Times reports that the Levi blue jean company is now featuring white knots in its store-front displays. There is even a YouTube video showing where white knots have been showing up on red carpets during the recent awards season.

This post is more of an FYI than anything else. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of the white knots, and I think it’s important for folks to know what they stand for.

Animals Are People Too?

PD*18700969According to a recent book by a professor at the University of Colorado, animals have a sense of morality just as humans do. In essence, the book says that “different species of animals appear to have an innate sense of fairness, display empathy and help other animals that are in distress.”

The book is newsworthy not merely because it contradicts the age-old assumption that only humans can tell right from wrong, but also because it lays the ethical groundwork for extending human rights to animals. The U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper reports it this way: “His conclusions will provide ammunition for animal welfare groups pushing to have animals treated more humanely.”

I don’t think anyone has a problem with treating animals humanely. There is biblical warrant for doing just that (Proverbs 12:10). The problem comes, however, when people began to treat animals as if they were human. The biblical precedent for this is not one to be emulated (Jonah 3:7; 4:11).

The Bible teaches that human beings alone bear the dignity of being created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27; 5:1; 9:6). Thus the sanctity of human life cannot be gainsaid by any study that would suggest otherwise.

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