Douthat on Last Night’s Speech

Once again, I think Ross Douthat has it about right.

“It would be a happy thing if a brief air campaign were sufficient to midwife both regime change and a stable aftermath in Libya. But American policy cannot be based on best-case scenarios, and going halfway to war and then stepping back and hoping for a rosy outcome is something no American president can afford to do… By choosing war in Libya, [Obama] probably committed America far more completely than last night’s speech was willing to admit.”

One Response to Douthat on Last Night’s Speech

  1. Donald Johnson March 29, 2011 at 12:51 pm #

    The latest news is that the rebels got pushed out of Sirte, as they asked for air support and did not get it. It looks like the US is getting a divided Libya with the dividing line policed by NATO. For all the world, this looks like another case of forever war.

    Being involved in 3 protracted conflicts is NOT what the US needs.

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