Would You Have Aborted Her?

Ashley McMillan grew up in my hometown. When she was born, the doctor informed her parents that “there’s something wrong with her.” She was missing an arm. Ashley is now grown, married, and the mother of four children. Reflecting on her life and pondering Psalm 139:13-18, she asks a simple question:

If you had been my parents and you knew that you carried a baby with a deformity, a baby who may have other unseen disabilities, and the doctor muttered the words to you “there’s something wrong with her”…….would you have aborted me?

I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am human. I am different, but aren’t we all. And I would not be here had I been conceived to different people in a different time who wanted a child without flaw. When you stop and connect a real, living, breathing human being to abortion, things become more complicated. If you think people don’t still opt to abort babies with differences like mine, you are wrong.

This is a powerful testimony. Read the rest here.

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