Who Needs Apologetics When You Have Chick Tracts?

Who needs apologetics when you have Jack Chick’s Tracts at your disposal?Perhaps you have never heard of these little publications, but they are fascinating little pieces of literature. Chick Tracts are miniature “gospel” comic books. I first came across these tracts when I was in high school, and they immediately piqued my interest because they had a knack for the sensational–even depicting people burning in hell who had rejected Christ.

I have since come to the conclusion that the best use of these little booklets is to set them forth as illustrations of how not to share the gospel. For this reason, I still use one of Chick’s tracts every semester in my hermeneutics class to demonstrate the wildly far-fetched conspiracy theories of King James Only fundamentalists (Jack Chick, is a KJV-only devotee). In the tract “The Attack,” Jack Chick shows how all modern English translations (except the KJV of course) are the result of a Jesuit conspiracy to convert the world to Catholicism.

Though I would have thought Chick Tracts to have gone the way of the Dodo by now, it turns out that Jack Chick and his tracts are still going strong. He has recently released some new tracts on Islam. If you thought the KJV-only conspiracy theories strained credulity, then wait until you hear this. In these new tracts, Muhammad’s wife was actually a Catholic, and it was her influence that led to the production of the Quran. Yes, that’s right–another Catholic conspiracy.

You can read both of the tracts here:

“Men of Peace”

“Who Is Allah?”

Or you can just forget that you ever read this post or ever heard about Chick Tracts. You would be none the worse for it.

(HT: Gareth Baudrillard-Jones)

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