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“…while doctors strip our children of their healthy reproductive organs”

I just read the heartbreaking words of a mother of a transgender child—words that were delivered recently at a demonstration outside the Supreme Court. In this speech, she testifies about what transgender propaganda has done to her daughter. The propaganda has created “standards of care” that are harmful to children. Read for yourself what this mother describes:

Like any parent, I felt betrayed when I found out a pediatric endocrinologist, someone who knows how powerful our bodies’ natural hormones are, would teach my 16-year old daughter to inject herself with testosterone, a primarily male hormone known and documented to have many horrible side effects on young girls including male pattern baldness, vaginal atrophy, infertility, and an increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

Like any parent, it is hard to believe that my once beautiful, healthy child, now 19 years old, is in and out of homelessness, bearded, her breasts amputated and reproductive organs removed, and living in extreme poverty, all just to be her “authentic self.” Doctors did this to her while she was still a minor, without my consent or any involvement. My child is mentally ill, no longer thriving, and yet our public schools, government, mental health professionals, medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies are telling me what is best for my child and that being opposed to this form of self-actualization is tantamount to abuse.

Like any parent, I am angry and full of rage that this is the only kind of “help” offered to my child and that parental rights are being stripped away, while doctors strip our children of their healthy reproductive organs. But most of all, my heart is shattered and I grieve for my child and for the life she now faces. Like any parent would.

This poor mother watched her daughter transform from a healthy baby girl into a surgically mutilated shell of her former self. Why? Because the entire medical establishment is not being driven by science but by propaganda when it comes to dealing with gender-confused children. It is horrific, but it is a reminder of how high the stakes are in our current cultural conversations. Real harm is happening to real children, and hardly anyone seems to notice. Instead, many people who should know better are becoming complicit.

Christians especially need to be ready to bear witness to what is good and right and true and to what promotes the good of our neighbors. There is so much at stake and so much harm already done. We need to be ready.

(HT: Rod Dreher)