Trailer for the new Star Wars movie

The trailer for the new Star Wars movie was released yesterday, and it already has over 13 million views on YouTube. The new series will be directed by J. J. Abrams. The conclusion of the matter: The Abrams trailer is already better than all three of the prequel movies. No kidding. As Darren Franich recently described it,

This is a trailer that features X-Wings, Stormtroopers, Tatooine, the Millennium Falcon, a red lightsaber, and a red-brown desert speeder—it’s like an Episode IV mixtape, “Now That’s What I Call A New Hope!”


  • dr. james willingham

    Hey, what about some speculations about what travel to other stars is really like, and how are our present star men taking it? Here is a little for your interest, perhaps, I saw my first ufo in the very early 50s (a star changing colors about where the evening star should be, then taking off, angling upward at a speed beyond anything I have ever seen and then it disappeared), and members of my family in the cotton fields saw three flying saucers about a 1000 feet up floating across the fields one bright sunny shiny day. One member of the family was a trained military observer, a intelligence officer on MacArthur’s staff (that does not mean he was hobnobbing with the generals) in WWII, and, of all the members of the family, he never said one word about what they saw that day. I checked with his oldest son more recently, and he repeated that his father never ever said anything about it. I know he did not say anything, for all the others were talking about it when I got back from a trip to the cotton gin (going with grandpa to take a load of cotton). Fast forward to the late 80s: By then I had figured out that not only had we been going into space, but that they must have tried to go to the stars in the early fifties. I asked one in intelligence work what happened, and he said, “O something went wrong.” About five years later, I asked another person in that field the same question. He took me out to lunch the next day and said, “When they launched the ship, they did not know there was a gravity warp between the earth and the moon. So they did not know where the ship went.” In 1994 a physicist at the University of Mexico, one Dr. Alcubierre, came up with a theory for faster than light travel. Unfortunately for him, in 1993, the late Ben Rich, head of the Skunk Works for Lockheed, developers of the stealth fighters, told some graduates at UCLA and some alumni that we already have the means to go to the stars. He told also that, if E.T. should come and needed a way home, we have the means to take him home.

    O and by the way, have you all considered Nikola Tesla, T. Townsend Brown, a fellow named Carr, and others and their place in this process. There is a video on youtube of a scientist who has estimated the speeds at which they are now able to travel at 200 times the speed of light.

    And other sources claim to have discovered that earth now had two fleets of space ships in the starry void, one fellow, a bedfast computer nerd (a compliment in my book) who found the names of the ships and officers and transfers between ships, etc., all in NASA computers. I speak not with any authority only with an insatiable curiosity about what God has planned for the future, when men who die at a 100 shall be considered youths.

    Thinking outside the box, independent confirmations and verifications, extrapolations, research of disparate sources, etc., these are the ways to open new fields of knowledge or to discover what others are doing. And even from the past there are folks who set forth views which are the means to developing new fields of awareness and exploration, etc., as in the case of Petrus Ramus who gave us our present structure of courses and textbooks, etc. He suggested that when the rule is true and the exceptions are true, then that whole thing is the truth, a means by which I was able to grasp new ideas from Holy Scripture. Just try the Puritans and their interest in the contrarieties, and then consider what the Pilgrim’s Pastor, John Robinson (who took part in the Synod of Dordt at the invitation of the Dutch) said: “Who knows what new light is getting ready to break forth from God’s word.” There is more, but I must defer in consideration.

  • Mary Gray Moser

    Dr. Willingham, You may be interested in some newspaper articles from around the year 1948-9 about a sighting. If so, see the Portsmouth Star, which is published in Portsmouth, VA. I had a sighting about that time but would not. talk about it to anybody but my husband. However, if I remember correctly, others had the same sighting and did report it to the Portsmouth Star.

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