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This Means War

I just heard the news that the Christian rock band Petra is getting back together for a reunion tour. This is beyond belief, but I say more power to them. Greg Volz not John Schlitt will be lead singer.

For those of you who can’t remember or haven’t heard of Petra, you can check them out below. You will see that, for some unexplained reason, tortured and confused teenager dude was a running motif in their videos from the late 80’s. (HT: Russell Moore)


  • Matthew Staton

    Oh man, I love Petra but “Petra” to me is the John Schlitt sound of This Means War and On Fire.

    I saw Hartman and Schlitt a couple years ago, doing a much tamer, unplugged set (the II Guys thing). I was really impressed with Hartman. I got the impression of someone who has faithfully lived and believed the Message. He took a lot of flack from the church in the earlier days. I could be totally wrong and he may be two-faced but it really seemed to me that he was a quality person with deep convictions and character. I wish I could meet him and chat for a while – just seemed like a great guy.

  • Chris Whisonant

    This should be cool! Greg X Volz still sounded good on their Farewell tour album from a few years back.

    Regarding the “tortured and confused teenager dude”, this is because the two videos you posted were from the Beyond Belief album which also had a VHS video in which they told a story of a kid who’s brother got cancer and he was definitely “tortured and confused” throughout. And they had the music vids from the songs on Beyond Belief. Getting past the cheesiness of the acting and timeframe for the videos, it wasn’t too bad and was a nice storyline. Here’s the VHS on Amazon

    I’m glad that Louie will be back on drums I was disappointed that he wasn’t part of the Farewell tour. Looking forward to this and how Petra comes back to the current rock scene.

  • Matt Brown

    I’m happy with this lineup, because I was hooked on Petra when “Not of This World” released. Although I have to say, I wore out my “This Means War” tape before any of the others.

  • Jan

    This is great news! We still have the original LP’s from back in the day. Hard to believe it was 25 years ago when my hubby and I used to transfer their LP’s to cassettes so we could play the music from the car. Nothing like hearing “Computer Brains” blasting on the stereo on the way to work… Still have those cassettes, and still have minor hearing loss from taking the youth group to a 1985 concert and having nearly front row seats!

  • Barry

    Great news indeed, but I’m a Schlitt fan more than a Volz fan.

    Kind of reminds me of the ongoing debate with Van Halen fans (Roth vs. Hagar).

    This is indeed Beyond Belief, and I did a Double Take when I heard the news that my favorite Christian rock band had not said Farewell at all. I have No Doubt that their God Fixation will continue because of the Unseen Power of the Lord in their lives. Truly, a new album would be a Wake Up Call for all who doubt that Petra Means Rock, and in fact This Means War for all doubters! The fact is that this band will always be On Fire even when they go Back To The Street to renew touring. The industry thinks they are done, but with their Never Say Die attitude (and truly, Bob Hartman is Not Of This World), they will Beat The System. So, Come And Join Us and give Petra [the] Praise they deserve as a long-running Christian rock band!

    Thank you! I’ll be here all week.


    (Matt Privett, surely you, and perhaps only you, can appreciate this comment!)

  • Jack Hager

    Ah, back in the day I just got out of prison(where I was converted) and went to a bible school that attacked Petra (and Amy, 2nd chap, etc) and thankfully didn’t buy into the closet racism “reasons”…and, as one who desires to be the nation’s oldest youthworker, I will use the video from “Annie” on May 15 to close out my speaking at a youth rally. Rock on, guys!

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