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The Scandal at Penn State

Michael Tomasky‘s piece in The Daily Beast about the scandal at Penn State is devastating. The crimes perpetrated were horrific. The failure to report the crimes was unconscionable. This article is hard to read, but it’s an unflinching look at the ugliness of it all. Read it here.

Albert Mohler discussed the scandal yesterday on “The Briefing” and drew out a lesson for Christians. Listen to it below.



  • Ty

    I’m wondering if Penn St will be able to survive this. Anyone who thinks Sandusky just started doing this in 1998 is out of their mind. It would be very likely it was something he’d done his whole life.

  • Derek

    Ty has a good point, i.e. that this certainly didn’t start in 98 or 2002. Sandusky held various positions at Penn State with Paterno since 1966. I wonder how a person of supposedly very high character (Paterno) could spend so many years with a sick monster like this and not pick up on something. Even if Sandusky is a sociopath, a person with any discernment is going to pick up on some red flags in a matter of months or years. Apparently that did not happen.

    So I would say in addition to what Dr. Mohler said, it demonstrates the need for us to probe more deeply into the character of our associates when they are in a sensitive position, particularly one where children have any potential to be placed in a dangerous situation.

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