The Next President of the Southern Baptist Convention

Bob Smietana has an excellent profile of Rev. Fred Luter, the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention. I cannot overstate how excited I am about what’s going to happen in New Orleans in June. It has been a long time coming, and I am eager to raise my ballot for the first ever African American President of our denomination. Read the profile here.


  • Christiane

    “Crosby’s mostly white church opened its doors for Luter to begin holding services in January of 2006 while his congregation was homeless. Members of the two churches held Bible studies and prayer groups together, a pattern they continue to this day. This week, members from both churches are in the African nation of Ghana, working on an economic development project.

    Crosby said his friendship with Luter was cemented after Katrina.

    “We were not strangers to one another, but the hurricane threw us together in a way we hadn’t been together,” he said. “We learned to love each other as pastors.” ”

    well, sometimes we can see glimpses of how God brings good out of trouble . . .

  • yankeegospelgirl

    If a man is an evil President of the United States, it doesn’t matter what color his skin is.

    If a man is a good president of the SBC, it doesn’t matter what color his skin is.

    That’s my own opinion.

  • Nate

    Don, if there was a like button I would press it… Not because I agree with you, but because you are so consistent in finding egalitarian issues in every post. 🙂

    • Don Johnson

      I see the 2 issues as directly related. The SBC had a problem and has a problem and they are intertwined in a deep and sinful way.

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