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Sovereign Grace Ministries Relocates to Louisville

Sovereign Grace Ministries announced today that they are relocating to Louisville, Kentucky and that C. J. Mahaney will be planting a church here in our fair city near Southern Seminary. Read the announcement here.

On the relocation of the ministry:

At our recent retreat, the Sovereign Grace Ministries Board decided to relocate the Pastors College and our Gaithersburg office to Louisville, Kentucky. The move will take place in 2012. Given the significance of the decision, we wanted to communicate with you directly about how we reached this decision and share some of its implications.

On the church plant led by C. J. Mahaney:

The Leadership Team has wanted to plant a church in Louisville near the seminary for several years, and after speaking at a college event there in February 2011 C.J. began to consider leading the plant himself. He made this desire known to us when we were seated as a Board, and we approved the plant this month. Although this was by no means determinative for the Pastors College, this does mean that students will have the opportunity to participate in a church plant led by C.J. This will both facilitate CJ.’s ongoing influence in the college, as well as provide students a smaller church experience that will more resemble their ultimate ministry context.

Welcome, Sovereign Grace!

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  • Jack Wolford

    Well there is the whole earth to plant “this” church but they chose next to Mohler’s seminary and “allowed” the separate theology to have its place for all the reasons mentioned .

  • Jim Masters

    ‘as well as provide students a smaller church experience that will more resemble their ultimate ministry context.’

    Thought this was a bit humorous. A smaller church with C.J. as the pastor? Yeah, right! 😉 How is smaller defined? I pastor a church with 47 members, church total is 72. That’s how we define small here in AZ. 🙂

  • Wayne Roberts

    I really hope C.J. doesn’t pick a far east Jefferson County location, but somewhere downtown, west, or southwest. These areas of the Louisville metro area are in dire need of solid biblical gospel preaching.

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