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Skip Bayless Censored Defending Tebow?

On Friday, Skip Bayless tweeted that he would be appearing on ESPN’s “First Take” and would be defending Tim Tebow from those who “persecute” him concerning his Christian faith. Twice during Bayless’ remarks, ESPN cut abruptly to commercial. Some are suggesting that ESPN was censoring Bayless’ remarks. I suppose that’s possible, but it seems unlikely to me. Why would they be so obvious if that’s what they were doing? Why would they allow some of his remarks if they wanted to suppress Bayless’ views? To me the censorship charge doesn’t seem to add up, but you can watch above and form your own conclusions.

In spite of the interruptions, I thought this conversation was noteworthy. Stephen Smith has criticized Tebow for wearing his faith on his sleeve. Bayless defends Tebow by saying that he is merely obeying Jesus’ command to be a “fisher of men.” As a regular viewer of America’s premier sports network, it’s just really strange to hear this kind of conversation on ESPN. Watch it above.


  • adam

    I watch FirstTake every day, and I’ve got to say that this was the oddest thing I’ve ever seen. The first edit I really didn’t understand. The second one it seemed Skip was about to make the point that if Tebow was Muslim that he would be praised for his faith instead of persecuted for it in America.

    He point is valid. It often seems that there is an open season to mock Christianity, but that other religions, especially Islam, are handled with velvet gloves (it seems like there has been an over-reaction to the fear of the US’s reaction towards Islam, after 9/11, that the US had towards the Japanese after pearl harbor).

    I don’t know that I think ESPN did censure him, but my wife walked in the room a moment ago while I was re-watching the clip with headphones on, and not even being able to hear what Skip was talking about she asked, “Did they just censure him?”.

    As Ricky Ricardo used to say, ESPN “you have some esplaining to do.”

  • Alan Perez

    I think espn did censor Bayless comments and it’s very obvious because it happened twice. ESPN is owned by ABC and they are intolerant in regards with Christianity. I do want to ask this question why Tebow, why did you even agree to take pictures with a shirt off?. It makes me wonder if Tebow is even concern about Christian women commuting lust. It would be so great if he keeps away from the lime light of celebrity status if he is going to honor God. We have to keep Tebow in prayers all the time.

  • philip linson

    If it wasn’t intentional, then I think Skip would come right out and shoot the rumor down either on the air or most likely through his Twitter account. He hasn’t as of yet which leads one to believe that he’s probably trying to figure out how to respond to his boss censoring him. Until he addresses it and denies that that’s what happened, it will continue to have legs.

  • Ben Bush

    Tebow was a young collegian but not a new Christian and should’ve known better than to take that photo. Stephen A was dead-on about him having to own that. His response to Skip was cogent and even-handed (for a change). Would Tebow take that photo now? I don’t think so. Hence, it’s wrong (morally if not legally) for GQ to exploit it – out of context and without Tebow’s permission to them specifically – for their own ends. Bayless was and is right re: the cultural disdain of Biblical Christianity. No argument there.

    Unless the Mississippi Squirrel (or a rookie intern) was somehow loosed upon the control room during that segment, the abrupt cutaways – note the plural – were no accident. Intentional or not, it’s on ESPN and not Bayless to explain what happened and publicly ask its viewers as well as Brunson, Smith, and, especially, Bayless, to “pardon the interruption.”

  • Ben Bush


    I did listen to Skip (and have since at KTCK in Dallas and read his Dallas Morning News, and Times Herald almost w/o fail. His column predicting Ali’s upset of Holmes, though wrong, was a classic). I encourage you to reread my comment regarding “context.” If one wants to argue (not saying you) that Scripture encourages a believer to pose for photo shoots like the pic in question, he or she is entitled to that opinion. I don’t and I won’t, nor does the Bible. Not even close. I stand by my post.

    That said, I think Tebow just made a simple, youthful error in judgment and wouldn’t allow that same photo to be taken today. We all make mistakes. Tim Tebow’s just happen to be a lot more public than mine or most others. I fully affirm Tim Tebow as a believer and appreciate his stand for Christ and the gospel.

  • Eric

    Like Ben, I read Skip back in his Dallas Times Herald days and was a P1 day 1 of the Ticket when “dr bay” started there. I enjoyed Bayless writing at the Times Hersld, but he has been stealing money since. The Ticket fired him for low ratings, he was flat boring. He also accused Aikman of being gay in his book about the Cowboys

    My advice, when Bayless and his horrendous rug come on the air either change the channel, turn off the TV or immediately check into rehab

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