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SI Cover Story on Tim Tebow

Don’t miss SI’s cover story on Tim Tebow. Tebow is the genuine article, and SI reporter Austin Murphy knows it (even though he pokes fun at him a little bit, calling him a “nerd for Jesus”). Murphy writes:

“Watching Tebow zip passes into the seams of opposing defenses, lower his shoulder in short yardage and exhort his teammates like King Henry V on St. Crispin’s Day, one might think that he was put on this earth just to run coach Urban Meyer’s spread offense. Watching him pace the floor of a gymnasium packed with 660 wayward men hanging on his every syllable is to realize that regardless of what position Tebow eventually plays in the NFL, and for how long, the football phase of his life is merely a means to a greater end.”


  • Nathan

    Tebow is very much like Kurt Warner. They both are great competitors, respected by teammates and the media because they are seen for what they are, men devoted to Jesus.

    It is great that major magazines have to admit that Tebow is more than a football player, he is a follower of Jesus. I’m sure he is glad to be a nerd for Jesus.

  • Matthew Staton

    Haven’t read the article but this seems great. A question I often have about believers who seem to be mostly negative in what they tell others is “why don’t you go do something positive?” (I don’t ask it out loud)

    I see guys like Warner, Pujols, now Tebow trying to do something positive.

  • Nathan

    Not sure what your point is Darius? I think Bradford is a quality guy, but the writer seems to be peturbed that Tebow is getting headlines for being a Christian, whereas Bradford isn’t.

    So, do you think he is mad about Bradford not getting headlines for his Christianity or do you think he is mad in general that Tebow is getting headlines for being a Christian?

    I tend to think he doesn’t want Christians to get headlines.

  • Darius T

    I don’t think he’s mad at all, just pointing out that the Tebow worship is nauseating when there are other wonderful Christian men playing QB who are just as good if not better on the football field.

  • Nathan

    I’m not sure. The condescending dig about circumcision and prison work and the “Tyler Hansborouh” inference seem to give this writer’s underlying motives away.

    Hey, I’m a Big 12 guy, but I do like Tebow and I think he represents Christ well. Seems like sour grapes by the writer (not by Bradford)

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