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Rod Dreher on the Pope’s Recent Clarification

Rod Dreher comments on the Pope’s recent clarification that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church:

“It’s the pope’s job to explain and defend Catholic teaching, which makes unique and exclusive truth claims. It would be logically inconsistent for the pope to affirm Catholic teaching while asserting that churches proclaiming contradictory things are equally correct.

“Benedict said nothing new. He reaffirmed the Catholic position that Christ’s saving work can occur among non-Catholic Christians, despite rejecting Roman orthodoxy. What caused the most consternation was the pontiff’s point that Protestant churches aren’t proper churches at all.Undiplomatic? Sure. But Benedict was clarifying an important point of Catholic theology: that you cannot have a real church without a valid Eucharist. You can’t have a valid Eucharist without a sacramentally legitimate priesthood. And you can’t have that in ecclesial bodies that have severed the line of apostolic succession, as Protestant communions have.”

You’ll want to read the rest of this one:

“Which religion is the right religion?” – by Rod Dreher (Dallas Morning News)

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