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Rejoicing in God’s Word

One of the signal moments of my seminary career occurred in a chapel service at Dallas Theological Seminary. A missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators shared her story of translating the Bible into the tongue of a remote tribal people who live halfway around the world. She described how her 20 years of labor culminated with a first ever translation of the Bible into the native language of an unreached people group.

The part that moved me most was her description of the day that the first printed Bibles arrived to the tribe. A boat carried the precious cargo up the river that ran alongside of the village. As the boat approached the village, the tribe lined the banks of the river celebrating, singing, and cheering. I could barely hold the tears back as I heard about the joy these new brothers and sisters had in God’s word.

I had the same reaction in watching the video above. It shows the Kimyal Tribe of Papua, Indonesia celebrating the arrival of the New Testament Bible in the Kimyal language last year. This one is really worth your time to watch.

(HT: Justin Taylor)


  • Heather

    We take so much for granted here in America; we don’t really understand what suffering for Christ really means because most of us haven’t experienced persecution or gone somewhere that even one bible did not exist.

  • Derek

    “Our hearts are no longer heavy, they are light.” Amen to that woman.

    Very inspiring – the Word of God is alive and the work of the Spirit so evident in this video!

  • Celucien Joseph

    Thanks for sharing this video. It is one of the most moving moments I’ve ever watched in the distribution of the Bible to world’s peoples.

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