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OSU president to retire after controversial remarks

I am surprised by this. From

Ohio State University president Gordon Gee announced his retirement Tuesday after he came under fire for jokingly referring to “those damn Catholics” at Notre Dame and poking fun at the academic quality of other schools.

Ohio State initially called the remarks unacceptable and placed Gee on a “remediation plan” to change his behavior.

Gee, 69, said in a statement that he decided during a vacation last week to step down on July 1.

“During my days away, I also spent some time in self-reflection,” Gee said. “And after much deliberation, I have decided it is now time for me to turn over the reins of leadership to allow the seeds that we have planted to grow. It is also time for me to re-energize and refocus myself.”

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  • James Bradshaw

    The guy has done a lot for the school. He’s 69 years old, for goodness’ sake, and it was just a slightly misguided attempt at humor. Can’t anyone joke about anything anymore? It’s too bad. Political correctness claims yet another victim.

  • Daryl Little

    Crazy. I’ve never understood how offending someone (generally someone who can’t wait until they’re offended) has seemingly become a crime of sorts.

    Misguided humour? Maybe. Or maybe not. But to have to step down?
    And then with there’s Jay Bilas saying that he can’t imagine someone like Gee saying something like that “even in private”? Are you serious?

    Just wow.

  • Scott Terrell

    What he said about the SEC is true, although a bit hyperbolic. The conference is pathetically weak academically and, as such, has a strong competitive advantage over the ACC & Big 10.

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