Not-so-evangelical Evangelicals

You’ll be hearing a lot about a recent survey conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Among the most disturbing findings is that 57% of evangelical church attendees say that they believe many religions can lead to eternal life. Watch NBC News’ coverage above, and then read the “Summary of Key Findings.”

Dr. Albert Mohler talked about the survey on his radio program today. You can listen to the audio below, or download it from


Also, David Van Biema interviewed Dr. Mohler about the poll for Time magazine.


  • Joshua

    I’m in agreeance with the Reverend. But, its not that people haven’t given the option though. People simply don’t feel like they should go searching for anything theological. They want it on a silver platter, in a Cliff Notes/For Dummies version.

  • Paul

    “They want it on a silver platter, in a Cliff Notes/For Dummies version.”

    Thank the dumbing down of America for that.

    That same Fox News soundbite culture that everyone thinks is so convenient is the same culture that wants everything explained to them neatly.

    Look at where an awful lot of these “evangelicals” go to church: huge airport sized arenas where people never have to get involved and never have to be noticed. The format is the same at every last one of ’em too:

    a couple of limp “praise” songs.
    a few announcements.
    a 20 minute sermon that does little to challenge the congregation.
    a couple more limp “praise” songs.
    everybody leaves to go to lunch at Applebee’s.

    And that extends to every corner of our culture.

    People that are more interested in what Brad and Angelina are doing than in world affairs (which do affect everyone, even you middle America!).

    People that are more interested in reading Harry Potter books than the classics.

    People that would rather listen to some stupid top 40 band sing about how in love they are with Jenny or Timmy, instead of INVESTING themselves in classical music or jazz, or even music with interesting melodies, harmonies or rhythms.

    And, let’s face it, the country that would rather play along with that Howie Mandel TV show instead of playing chess, or even Trivial Pursuit? Yeah, pretty stupid there, too.

    And these are the people that are so STUPID that they miss the fact that all of those different paths up the mountain ALL claim exclusivity. They’re so unwilling to think that they don’t even think through the stupidity of their own logic.

    Yeah, call me a snob for thinking this way, but I know where my salvation comes from, and all of these people don’t.

    You want a culture of believers? First you gotta have a country of thinkers. And you don’t really build up that whole analytical thought process drinking bud light while watching cars make left turns around a track for an entire afternoon.

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