Must-see video of tornado in Oklahoma

The video above was taken earlier today by some storm chasers in Oklahoma. I have never seen footage like this before. It looks like a scene from the movie “Twister” with large debris flying through the air. Unbelievable.

Advisory: There are a couple of moments in which you can hear some salty language from the storm chasers.


  • Adam Cavalier

    Thrilling video. Thanks for posting. I know that’s got to be a very intense moment driving through that chaos. But you’d think if someone chooses the job of tornado chaser, he’d have a bit more nerves and wouldn’t be so scared. The driver and backseat passanger seemed pretty cool and collected, but he was probably making the others more nervous by his whining! I would’ve told him to cowboy up (I think the Biblical phrase would be “gird up your loins”).

  • E Jervis

    I am wondering what the thinking is here. Are they thinking things like, “we have to get this footage on youtube as soon as we can so people will know how we died.” This is fascinating but Jiminy Crickets and flying cows! They are nuts!

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