Michael McKinley on Consistent Complementarianism

This is a good word from Michael McKinley about “consistent complementarianism.” He writes:

I meet more and more young men who are excited about the concept of male leadership in the home. As far as it goes, I think that’s a good thing.

But I also see a lot of men who assert their headship in their home, but who do not take a consistent approach to the authorities set over them by God (or God himself). A few examples:

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  • Don Johnson

    It is a mark of a believer to be in submission to authority, but this means it is essential to figure out that submission does not necessarily mean obedience and what authorities there are according to the Bible (and what are not) and their range of authority. In other words, if one subtracts the comp aspect from this teaching, then it is basically correct.

  • Suzanne Mccarthy

    How did America ever become independent of England? Are complementarians going to resubmit to the monarchy? Or do they accept the benefits of past historical non-compliance? Will the functional equality of women be acceptable in some future where their functional equality has been won in the past?

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