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Matt Chandler on a Big Platform

As I write this, the Associated Press story about Matt Chandler is the featured article on Chandler’s cancer has led to the gospel being proclaimed in the AP. And it’s not coming from a guy who just won a gold medal or the Superbowl. It’s coming from a guy who is suffering. Praise God that Chandler is not wasting his cancer. The AP writes:

His theology teaches that all men are wicked, that human beings have offended a loving and sovereign God, and that God saves through Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection — not because people do good deeds. In short, Chandler is a Calvinist, holding to a belief system growing more popular with young evangelicals…

Chandler says learning he had brain cancer was “kind of like getting punched in the gut. You take the shot, you try not to vomit, then you get back to doing what you do, believing what you believe.

“We never felt — still have not felt — betrayed by the Lord or abandoned by the Lord. I can honestly say, we haven’t asked the question, ‘Why?’ or wondered, ‘Why me, why not somebody else?’ We just haven’t gotten to that place. I’m not saying we won’t get there. I’m just saying it hasn’t happened yet.”

God moves in ways we don’t expect. Seems like that might be good to remember. Read the rest here, and pray for Matt.

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  • Barry

    Denny, thanks for posting this. I didn’t know there had been such an article. This is a great piece (and a friendly tone, which was a little bit of a surprise). Let’s be mindful to pray for Matt and Lauren, and their three kids. May the Lord be pleased to give him decades of life.


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