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Louisiana Tech Running Back Found Dead

Sad news from my alma mater. Tyrone Duplessis, a sophomore running back at Louisiana Tech University, passed away in his off-campus apartment this morning. The cause of death is unknown. Duplessis only played in two games last year after being out for a knee injury. He was 21 years old. RIP.

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  • donsands

    Sad. Death is part of life. At 59 years old, I’m thinking more about my last heart beat than I ever have. In my 30’s I don’t think I ever much thought of death.
    Jesus had His last heart beat, and He said just before that: “Father into Your hands I commit My Spirit”, and Jesus “gave up the ghost.”
    I wonder, when we have our last breath, and that is all, no more, will we see Jesus, and the Father? Or will there be His angels at my side, when I “give up my ghost”?

    I am assured that I shall be with Christ, because of His death for me, and my wrath on Him, and His blood shed for my debt; and His righteousness on my account. Wow.

    I do want to pray for this young man’s family. Lord bless them, and help them. Amen.

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