Interview with the Widow of a Turkish Martyr

Last month, I posted a week-long series on the three men who were martyred for Christ in Turkey. Recently, Father Jonathan Morris interviewed Shemza Aydin, widow of martyr Necati Aydin. Morris met with the widow in her home in Turkey and was able to speak with her and her children. You can read the interview here, or you can watch video excerpts from the interview here.

Please pray for this dear family. And be encouraged that God is sustaining this widow and her children with His amazing grace. I think you can see that this is so in the following exchange, especially the very last sentence from Shemza:

Morris: You seem peaceful and you have amazing strength.

Shemza: “I forgive them, but I know I can only do this with the spirit of God.”

Morris: What do you most remember about your husband?

Shemza: “What I most remember is that he was full of love and he was a holy person. He loved us so much and made us happy. He was a close friend of my spirit, body, and soul. It’s torture for me to live without him. There are times that I miss him most. For example, yesterday my son Elisha fell down and hit his head. He began to cry. In that moment, I pictured what Necati must have suffered. Because I saw his body twice after he died, I know they beat him badly on his head. When Elisha cried I imagined Necati’s pain too.”

Morris: And the kids, how are they doing?

Shemza: “We teach the children to look to God, and they know Necati is in heaven with Jesus so they can get comforted. But they miss their father very much. For them, it is like half of who they are is gone.”

Morris: Do you plan to stay in Turkey with your two children?

Shemza: “Until Jesus calls me anywhere else, I want to stay here. My country, my home, my security is only in Jesus.”

(HT: Barry Joslin)

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