Interview with Gina Welch

Trevin Wax has a fascinating interview with Gina Welch, the atheist author of In the Land of Believers. Her outsider’s take on all things evangelical continues to intrigue. Here’s a snippet of her remarks:

‘My experience with believers tells me that belief in God isn’t a result of reasoning, that most people come to belief because they inherited it or because they had a profound emotional experience that made God seem real. In the evangelism class I took at Thomas Road, we learned that the precondition for talking to someone about the Gospel was the question, “Do you believe in God and the Bible?” The script assumed the answer would be yes. If the answer was no, you simply walked away. We were armed with arguments for Christianity, but not for God.’

Tim Keller and Josh Harris are both mentioned in the interview. Read the rest here.

One Comment

  • Lucas Knisely

    Wow. She admits that Christianity answers our common longings. I sincerely and prayerfully hope for her sake that Hebrews 6:4 does not apply to her. Hopefully the continued influence of thoughtful Christians like Josh Harris and Tim Keller continue to soften her heart to the Gospel

    My only quibble with one of her answers is about abortion. She says it is a caricature to accuse pro-choice people as supporting “the idea of abortion as birth control“. When not a few sentences earlier she said she believes a woman “has the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy“. How is that not birth control?

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