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Interview with Dr. Francis Beckwith

I wrote about Dr. Francis Beckwith’s return to the Roman Catholic Church several months ago. As you may remember, Dr. Beckwith’s return to Roman Catholicism led to his resigning the presidency of and his membership in the Evangelical Theological Society.

Greg Koukl conducted a two-hour interview with Dr. Beckwith on “Stand To Reason,” and you will not want to miss this one. The interview is available for free on the “Stand To Reason” website. Here’s the link: Interview with Francis Beckwith.

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  • BrianW

    I think Koukl lost a friend. I do think that it was Koukl’s responsibility to make Beckwith better aware of his purpose. Of course, he seems quite apologetic (pun?) to Beckwith about the misunderstanding and Beckwith’s feelings.

    That being said, I better know why I’m not Catholic. Beckwith’s ambiguity and unclear statements about our ultimate hope for God’s grace is scary. Quite frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t have greater clarification on the Catholic view since that was pivotal for him in his “revertion”. If I would convert to Catholism, I would know exactly what to do with some of those passages Koukl cited since they are so pivotal to our hope.

    I think Beckwith’s familial connection is far more influential to his decision than anyone seems to want to talk about. As a local pastor in a predominantly Catholic area, the family influences and pressures to remain Catholic is enormous. But that’s just my experience and hunch.

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